Johnny Cash's Grammy Winning Liner Notes.
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I am researching liner notes, and would like to see Johnny Cash's liner notes for his album "Live at Folsom Prison" as well as his liner notes for Bob Dylan's "Nashville Skyline." They don't seem to be anywhere online, even in iTunes. I would order hard copies, but I don't have time for shipping. Does anyone know where I can find them online, or would anyone who has them be willing to take readable photos for me? I'm on a time crunch, of course. Please help!
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Best answer: do you mean this? it seems to be the cd, but also reads like it could be the original text.
edit: ah no, this is the original. sorry.
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Here's a picture of my copy of Nashville Skyline with Cash's poem to Bob Dylan. Is this what you're looking for?
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Best answer: Here's a larger version that should be easier to read.

Let me know if you need it bigger and better, I can scan it properly if you like.
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Response by poster: You guys are the best! Thank you!
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