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My friend and I are starting a gaming blog/website. We've been trying to think of a good name. We're both females, and would like to incorporate that in the name somehow, but not super overtly. Do you have any ideas?

So far the best name we've thought of is "A Girl & Games" (but... we are two girls, not one.) We don't really want a name that has the phrase "Gamer Girls" or "Girl Gamers" - mostly to avoid the "Gamer Girl" stereotype (e.g. the kind exemplified by the LoL team the Sirens). Meaning - we'd prefer not to be associated with the stereotype of girls that rely on their sexuality/looks to make a name for themselves in gaming. But we'd also want to acknowledge that we are female.

Can you think of any name that might fit?

Thank you in advance!
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About 15 years ago there was a group of women who played one of the team shooter games and had a reputation of being really strong. They went under the moniker "Team PMS".
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Girls With Games
Girls Gone Gaming
Games of Girls
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Broads with Broadswords?
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Oh Grly ?

My daughter wanted to name her YouTube channel "Beaten by a Girl" at one point but decided Girl as pejorative is still a pejorative even if it's owned.

The Gaming world can be hyper masculine, misogynistic and toxic so perhaps the name isn't as important as the attitude?

Good Luck!
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Game Broad.

(All I can hear is the final final episode of The IT Crowd where Moss has a video game review podcast called Game Board. Switch a few letters and hey, presto!)
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Dames with Games
Game Dames
Women who roll
Dice Bag ladies
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Best answer: Two X Buttons
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Womyn Levelyng
FGSS Female Gamers Seeking Same
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The Zeldas
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I like the idea of using XX as a way to indicate that you're both women.
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Lilith Player
Power-Up Girls
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Best answer: Maybe something with "sisters" rather than "girls". Like "Gamer Sisters" or "Super Smash Sisters" or something. That would acknowledge that you're female, but emphasize your friendship at least as much as it emphasizes your gender.

Other ideas incorporating "sister":
Nintendo Entertainment Sisters
Sega Genesisters
Lara Croft's Cooler Sister
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Response by poster: thanks for the suggestions so far! we like the two X idea. and the sisters idea too. sad we aren't that console-focused though... if we were, "Two X Buttons" would be perfect.
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Maybe something related to a prominent female character in a game you like? Sisters of Samus or something?
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If not consoles, do you mean PC games (and if so, which genre(s)?) or board games? Or something else?
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Best answer: Broad Games
Gal Gamers
Two Die Four
Gaming Systas

In case you have not seen it:This is a girl gamer
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Best answer: XX Squared (because there are two of you, and "square" could be pixels, tiles, cards, ...)
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Games Without Balls
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Best answer: If you review things that involve experience points, maybe XXP?
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Zelda Not Link

If you're PC Gamers, how about some sort of WASD backronym?
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Games are for Girls
You game like a girl
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Femmes Fatale
Femmes of Fury
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Oh, wait, I had that backwards. It should be Game Broads, not Broad Games.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! Michele in California, the link you posted is pretty much what we meant about the stereotype :D. We're probably going to start off blogging about desktop / mobile games. Not sure about a definite name, but we're leaning towards the XX or 2X ideas... thank you all again!
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