Ann Magnuson doggerel
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AnnMagnusonFilter: Sometime in the ’90s I heard Ann Magnuson on the radio delivering a kind of doggerel using J.G. Ballard–style bland newspaper-reporter phrasing...

... along the lines of “The eminent scientist Alfred Einstein’s photograph looms over me as I trod the sidewalk past the film actor Errol Flynn.” These formulae become more and more elaborate as the “song” goes on.

This shit is murder to Google for. Does this ring any bells among Lower East Side hipsters or others fluent in the œuvre of that demimonde?
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Don't know the song, but is the band Bongwater?

Some lyrics here.
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Sounds like something from the album Too Much Sleep. Now that brings back some memories.
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This is almost certainly Bongwater. A brief review of the band's material. A box set of every song Bongwater ever released, which may very well be way too much Bongwater. Magnuson recently did a track for the pseudo-soundtrack Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel in the same stream-of-consciousness vein, called "Dr. Mom"; this was in the early part of this decade, so I'm sure this isn't the song you're referring to, but while you're tracking down music...
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Response by poster: It may or may not be Bongwater. The DJ identified it as Ann Magnuson.

None of the listed lyrics matches.
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Ann Magnuson put out a CD in the mid 90s called The Luv Show. You can listen to samples of some of the tracks here. See if any of them ring a bell.

(Lord, it's been like 10,000 years since I last thought about Bongwater. This is taking me back.)
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This is totally a question for ILM, but I'm betting it's from The Luv Show.
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