Need a camera / camcorder with clean HDMI out and a wireless remote
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The title says it all. This seems to be incredibly difficult to come by these days!

I'm using one of these to capture video for Skype, AdobeConnect, and WebEx presentations. We're showing customers samples of our product and need the ability to zoom in with a simple remote.

Seemingly all reasonably priced camcorders have abandoned this for the incredibly buggy and difficult "app" method. I've used the Canon and Panasonic apps and they are laggy and horrible.

I just want a simple little remote to be able to optically zoom in!

I'm not married to a camcorder, in fact a superzoom camera like the Panasonic FZ1000 would be great, but it too uses an app. And the few I can find with the IR receiver to use a remote seem to lack the clean HDMI out signal.

Any help would be appreciated!
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You will probably have better luck finding what you want with a USB webcam instead of a camcorder and then converting from HDMI to USB. The search term you want is a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) webcam or conferencecam.

The Logitech CC3000e is an expensive option. Maybe the cheaper HuddleCam option could work for you?.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the CC3000e recommendation. At $1000, it doesn't exactly meet what I'm looking for, but it's the only real option for Skype and such.

In the end, I dropped $800 on a Canon G20 camcorder. The G30 is $1300 and doesn't add much for my uses.

The advantage of the G20 + HDMI capture is that I can also record VERY high quality demos as well as use it for video conferencing.

It's a damn shame everybody gave up on wireless remotes for the app route in the sub $1000 market.
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