Who to support for Labour deputy leader and mayoral candidate?
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I've signed up with the UK Labour party (via the £3 registered supporter scheme) to support Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader. I also get to vote for deputy leader, and as I'm London, the Labour London mayoral candidate. Who should I put my nominations towards for these? The key criteria is a commitment to the same leftist beliefs as Corbyn, but also of a concern is who could tactically support him should be become leader.

Obviously we are quite aware of what the leadership candidates believe (for Corbyn, a genuine leftwing agenda, for Burnham, Cooper, and Kendall, the "realism" of chasing Tory votes and attacking Corbyn), but the deputy leader and mayoral candidates have so far had a much lower profile, so I'm not sure who is best to put on the ballot.
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Burnham is the only one so far who has said that, should Corbyn get elected leader he will support him. He's also the only one not being openly hostile to him in his campaign. So that's something to consider.
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Response by poster: Fair point on Burnham, but to clarify, I'm not asking for second preferences for leader, but who to nominate from the deputy leader candidates and the mayoral candidates.
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Dave Hill over at the Guardian is worth reading for a decent perspective on the Labour mayoral candidates.

My personal 2p on the London Mayoral side of things is this - it's worth remembering that the London Mayor will likely support whoever is leader as there's no real reason not to. It's also worth remembering, from watching their campaigns unfold, that most of them don't really understand the limits of the Mayor's powers so beware of people promising stuff they've no ability to deliver (to be fair, the Tories are being just as bad at this).

In terms of the criteria you set, then of the serious candidates Sadiq Kahn is probably closer to your politics than Tessa Jowell is. But the general London political wonk consensus is that Zac Goldsmith is an absolute shoe-in as Tory candidate, and from chatting off the record with various Tory campaign people in recent months the impression I've been left with is that they would very much prefer to be facing Kahn than Tessa. Read into that what you will.

Personal disclosure: Labour Pary member who will be voting Corbyn for leader, Stella for Deputy (she's my constituency MP and is very competent. I've also always admired the stand she took against online abuse) and Jowell for mayoral candidate.
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I'd recommend looking into Christian Woolmar as London Mayoral Candidate.

One of the main areas which the mayor has some pull is in transport and as a professional expert for hire* in the field I can tell you that Woolmar absolutely knows what he's talking about.
He mirrors Corbyn in his grass roots honest campaigning, and as something of an outsider might be well placed to tap into that anti-politician vibe that's going around.

As for Deputy Leader I would probably favour Tom Watson.
He was very involved in breaking the child abuse scandals as well as the Leveson enquiry, and has a lot of behind the scenes political muscle (some, especially in Falkirk might say he has too much) which Corbyn doesn't.

Disclosure: Was a member of the Labour party, left, joined the Green party. Might still vote for Woolmar for mayor anyway.

*I mean... expert.. ish I guess. Sometimes people pay me to do transport consulting.
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As for Deputy Leader I would probably favour Tom Watson.

That's Metafilter's own, for what it's worth.
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Watson for deputy leader: former whip, carries a big metaphorical stick, and if Corbyn is elected leader, the deputy needs to be the disciplinarian. Also, Watson's long-standing interest in digital stuff and its broader repercussions on the 21st century economy are worth having, given that Corbyn's positions sometimes sound a bit retro. Also-also: not a London MP. (Nothing against Stella Creasy, but Labour can't rebuild with a leadership team of London MPs.)
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Thirding Tom Watson. The way electoral politics is, if Corbyn is voted the dancing head, Watson aka "Blair's Assassin" may well be an absolute must.

You can probably read up more on the web for the argument for Watson.
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I'd have said having two men was more of a liability than having two London MPs. But all a bit academic as Watson is going to walk it.
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