Remote control of Mac by PC?
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My Mom has a new Mac (OS X) and I have a PC (WinXP). How can I remotely see her screen and manipulate it easily?

We both have broadband and routers. At home I use VNC, but I don't know how that works cross-platform and across the net.

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Fog Creek's Copilot. Costs money (not much), VNC-based, brain-dead simple.
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(unfortunately Copilot is Windows only)
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Specifically, OSXvnc is a commonly-used VNC server for OS X.
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There was just a VNC thread last week--do a search for it.
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Don't forget to setup dynamic DNS for your mom's computer so you can reach it from afar without knowing her IP (and poke a hole in her firewall/router for port 5900, which is what VNC uses).
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In 10.4:

1) Apple -> System Preferences
2) Sharing
3) Apple Remote Desktop
4) Authorization Access
5) second checkbox tuns on a VNC server

Built right in, no need to pay for anything.
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Some guy named Mark posted a How-to video (link is to intro page, not video) on this exact topic.

Also, don't use Apple Remote Desktop over the internet ever.
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Well... ADR (version 2) is perfectly fine to use over the internet. All keystrokes and mouse events are encrypted. The only thing you have to watch for is what actually appears on the screen, but I can't remember the last time one of my passwords was listed in clear text.

VNC, however, does suffer from the normal VNC faults. Your connection password is encrypted but beyond that everything is open. So SSH tunneling would be appropriate in most contexts, but if you're careful then there's no reason you can't use it unencrypted.
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