Ideas for Out of Towners to throw Bachelor Party near Chesterland Ohio?
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So, a friend is getting married around Beachwood and Chesterland Ohio, east of Cleveland. A small group of men need to get together to celebrate a friend's impending nuptials at the end of this month.

We are old; ranging from 40 to 70+.
Some of us drink, some are sober.
Some of us smoke, some do not.
No one wants strippers or strip clubs to be a part of it.
This would be a Friday night before the Saturday wedding.
We need to find a place or places to celebrate and, since none of us live anywhere near there, we need your ideas.

The father of the groom would love a place where he could drink black coffee, smoke cigarettes and chat with all of his son's friends. The sober folks would like a place where the focus of the night is not getting hammered. I would like a place where I can buy my friend a beer. We will have the sober folks as drivers, so DDs are built in, but those people need to feel as much a part as the rest.

Here are our ideas:
- A place with a private room (smoking preferred), decent (non-adventurous) food and a liquor license (or at least beer) where we could all sit and talk about our buddy, a low-brow low-key roast of sorts. There are thousands of stories his dad has never heard and needs to hear.
- A nice, calm, bar where we could go afterwards.
- The races? Someone mentioned this, but what the hell do I know about playing the ponies?

Do you have any ideas that fall along these lines.
Do you have any ideas that I haven't mentioned but we might like?
If we can avoid driving into Cleveland or going beyond 20-30 minutes from Chesterland, so much the better.
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Restaurants could include:
-Red (the Steakhouse)
-XO Prime (Pepper Pike location)
-Night Town
-Harvest Kitchen & Grill

...Assuming Little Italy or Tremont are too far

Bars could include
-Fairmount Martini & Wine Bar

What about a driving range or mini golf?
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Ohio has a smoking ban, so that's going to be difficult; the exemptions that apply to you are family-owned businesses without non-family employees and outdoor patios (but even then, a lot of restaurants ban smoking on patios, too).
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Best answer: Gamekeepers in Chagrin is a good spot. It's about 10 minutes away from Chesterland, and is sort of the default around that area for any sort of nice dinner/ event. It's upscale-ish but not stuffy, food is great, and there's a large private dining room that you can reserve (fits, probably, 30?). There's a bar outside that I think you can smoke at, and there's a smaller, cozy bar inside. Food runs 20-30 / plate, so it's not exactly cheap.

It's in downtown Chagrin Falls, which is a little New England-y town that's quaint as fuck, and there are some bars and coffee shops w/in walking distance.

It's a popular spot, especially in the summer, so I'd check it out sooner rather than later if you want to reserve that dining room on a Friday or Saturday night.
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I was going to suggest Gamekeepers, as well. And Rick's, also in Chagrin. There are quite a few options in downtown Chagrin. It's a restaurant town, not a bar town. Sober folks & drinking folks will both feel welcome. Plus, it's a really easy drive to both Chesterland & Beachwood.

"Quaint as fuck" is a pretty much dead on description of the town. But I love it. I grew up there, left 20 years ago, but it's still home.
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Response by poster: You all rock.
Thanks a ton.
Smoking bans actually make it easier to accommodate everyone if you ask me.
Now to wad through it all!
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Gamekeepers will likely meet your needs, but check out Flour if your party's tastes veer more towards Italian. They are able to make a private room for you.
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Response by poster: Gamekeepers, so far, looks like just the thing.
We shall see what pans out.
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Here's an outlier idea for you:

Rent the VFW Hall on White Road in Willoughby Hills.

Private club. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. BYOB (or not).
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Response by poster: If we had more time, I would have tried for the VFW. I love that idea.

As it was, we got the Gamekeeper's Taverne to reserve us a room.
The staff were great. Our server may have spent a little too much of his time with us, but that was because our conversation was mesmerizing and he really, really wanted to know what alligator tastes like. (We had a doctor, one teacher, four carpenters, a retired man, and a fellow who works in educational publishing. We were from Texas, Connecticut and New York. We were telling tales of Ag school, jobs where we chased bears, and weird things we have turned into food. How could you not be intrigued by the conversation?)

We wandered the town after dinner and "quaint-as-fuck" does not even begin to describe it. How many Bentley's can you fit in a town that size?

Spectacular suggestions, all. Thanks.
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Response by poster: Oh, and even on a Friday night, there were tons of tables left . . . as long as you wanted to sit inside. The patio was at or over capacity. It was a beautiful summer night.
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