Experiences with best days/times posting Skilled Trades Craigslist ads?
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I'm an interior painter and want to get an idea of when others have received the most responses from their ads. Are there certain days and/or times that have worked best for you? Thanks!
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Best answer: I don't have the right answer for you, but based on my perusing of Craigslist, most folks seem to repost 10-20 times with various changes in the wording and they'll have several emails to rotate through.

A better approach (as someone who often needs services like this) is to write a comprehensive, funny but smart, and perfectly edited posting with tons of images. Link to your own website or blog. Give me a sense of price ranges if possible. Let me schedule an interview/evaluation via email or text - I hate the phone.

Include words that make sense to YOUR demographic and experience. Don't just put a random list of keywords at the end of the post, but include those keywords in the description where it make sense.
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It's probably going to vary depending on your area. I'd run some experiments yourself.

In general, I've found that Tuesday mornings seem to be an optimal time for email newsletters etc. as it seems to be when people start catching up on their workday internets -- that might also work for Craigslist.
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