Best dark sky near Harwich on Cape Cod to watch Perseids?
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I'm looking for your best dark sky recommendation near Harwich on the Cape to enjoy the Perseid meteor shower this week! Thanks!
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This map from 2001 data suggests you go up towards Truro for dark skies. Weather will be more of a concern, I imagine. Clear Dark Sky has neat little astronomer's forecast charts for the next 36 hours which will show you cloud cover as well as darkness, transparency, etc. But there's only a couple of spots on the Cape; a simple cloud cover forecast is more likely to be of help.

I'd pick somewhere on the beach with a warm blanket and a lawn chair, myself. And bring some binoculars. Not for the meteors, you want naked eye for that, but binos show you a whole lot more stars and various interesting night sky features for when you get bored of looking at streaks.
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We watched from one of the Bay side beaches in Eastham a couple of years ago. It was dark enough that we got to see quite a few meteors. We're planning to try again this year. Have fun!
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I was lying on a blanket on Snow's Field in Truro on Friday night and the Milky Way was plain to see, as were a few shooting stars. There was a significant glow from house lights all around the horizon though, if we'd been more committed to our star gazing we would have gone over to Long Nook Beach on the ocean where the National Seashore and the high dune cliff fend off the lights.
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And Cassiopeia and Perseus, the radiant of the Perseid shower, are on the ocean side of the Cape night sky anyway.
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