Interphalangeal joint problem on middle finger
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If I feel the top side on my intermediate phalage on my middle finger, there is small bulge just below the interphalangeal joint that is painful if pushed on. It's possible to aggravate this by pushing on the under side of that intermediate phalage, presumably that's how I've notice the pain normally. Any idea of what's going on?

I've noticed pain and numbness in my right hand for about a week or two, slight weakness occasionally too. I wasn't paying too much attention at first, but I've paid enough attention over the last two days to isolate the source described above.

There is no corresponding painful part on other fingers, or elsewhere in the hand, except the heal of my right hand experiences numbness or pain when typing for extended periods, and I've mild pain when pushing on the heel of the hand. Also, I recall (a) pain while swinging my hand while walking several days ago, (b) maybe a similar situation with my right ring finger yesterday, and (d) maybe a bit of numbness in my left hand occasionally.

A priori, I'd expect these issues will resolve themselves after I straighten out my diet*, but I'm asking here since the pain is new and quite specific. I've probably clumsily clocked my hand into shit several times over the last month, so maybe a small fracture or aggravated a bone spur on my intermediate phalage. Anything I should look out for?

* I've eaten too many cookies with butter and wheat and drank too much beer over the last two weeks, due to socializing in a new city and summer festivals. And my skin has been complaining as a result. Too little exercise too.

As an aside, there is baker's cyst in my knee that causes pain if I eat dairy, presumably inflammation due to a degree of lactose intolerance. I ate cheese about two weeks ago, but the cookies were the only recent source. It hasn't flared up recently, well only one meal of cheese and some cookies does not contain enough dairy to trigger it.
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Could it be a ganglion cyst?
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Are you right hand dominant? And have you done more writing than usual for some reason? That's what I immediately thought of given the location of the pain, particularly if you have an unusual pen grip and/or hold the pen too tightly.
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Response by poster: I miss-spoke with the phrase "small bulge", ceccic, that got restored from an earlier version. There is no visible cyst, no visible elevation, and feels only slightly elevated, but it hurts if I push on it. I'll read to see if those can fit that description.

Yes, I'm right handed, CM, maybe I've done more typing recently, not sure. Initially I experienced more general pain, and worse in the mornings, so I worried about inflammation pinching the nerve in the carpel tunnel, but that'd impact more than my middle finger.
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There's an acupuncture point on the lateral side of the distal phalange (looking at the hand in anatomical position). If that's what you're poking that hurts, you should go get some needles stuck in you by a professional.

In the mean time, it could be any number of things that flushing lymph from the area can help. Use a cold pack on your hand, and a hot pack on that shoulder at the same time for 10 minutes at a stretch.
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