Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitars... Experience? Recommendations?
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I'd be interested in thoughts or recommendations from anyone who has experience of carbon fiber acoustic guitars (such as CA or Rainsong), especially in smaller body sizes.

I'm going traveling, and it seems that one of those might be ideal when I go to hot and/or humid places, and may have to leave it locked in a vehicle. I've seen the travel-size CA advertized but have yet to play one.

Although I'm not expecting concert standard, how do these compare, sound-wise, to traditional all-wood instruments?
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I brought an ovation guitar to Costa Rica for the same reason and over the course of the year the neck warped making the action very high.

I think your best bet would be to buy a cheap, used instrument from craigslist and leave it at the end of your travels or junk it when it goes bad.
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My experience is second hand but a friend travels with a carbon guitar, loves it, I have played it and it sounds just fine.
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Are you set on carbon fiber or open to other options? I have an all high-pressure laminate (HPL) Little Martin that is great for travel (there's also a wood top model, but it didn't seem as durable to me). It doesn't sound the same as a nice full-size guitar of course, but the internal bracing does give it a "Martin-like" character.
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