Where to order Tupperware spare parts online
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I have a set of Tupperware's small Hourglass Salt & Pepper Shakers (like these). I no longer have the tops, and exhaustive searching to find replacements has come up empty. Anyone know of a site that I can order just the shaker seal/caps for these in the U.S. without spending a bazillion dollars?

This shouldn't be so difficult. I've done multiple keyword searches on Amazon, Etsy, much Ebay-ing, extensive googling. Even called the 800# from Tupperware.com and the rep said they don't sell parts direct from the company and I'd need to talk to a local sales consultant to order; so I looked it up and sent her a message, but no response. I've found tons of sites on how to be a Tupperware sales rep and come across the parts lists used by the reps, but no sites where I can actually order spare parts myself. The bits I need may be discontinued, which could complicate things but I'm not sure (mold # for the shaker body is 831, mold # for the seal/cap I need is 832). I really really don't want to make phone calls to all the local Tupperware ladies for what should be probably $3 of parts. It's not exactly a life-or-death need, but I like these salt shakers. Help?
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I just looked through the replacement parts catalogue (Google Tupperware replacement calatogue) and they only list the mold number as a grouping of 830-833 which leads me to believe that you may not be able to find the piece individually. Really, just calling a different local Tupperware salesperson might be the easiest way.
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Thanks for the link MonkeyToes: I've seen that listing but unfortunately it's for the full size salt shakers, not the small/mini version. I've been scouring ebay for days.
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This shouldn't be so difficult.

Hi, junk dealer here. (And while I have some other wee Tupperware S&Ps, I don't have these -- sorry!) I just wanted to offer some perspective on the price: if they are indeed discontinued, they are no longer $3 worth of parts, even if the manufacturing cost was six cents and they used to sell in the catalogue for $3.

The linked Amazon seller has, if he is like a lot of Amazon sellers, spent a great deal of time and gas scouring thrift stores, estate/garage sales, etc. He has cleaned the layer of grime off of them, photographed them, done enough research to identify the Tupperware name and the Tupperware shade as "Caribbean Blue," found a place for them in his home where he will not lose them between the time he listed them and the time somebody wants Caribbean Blue S&Ps, and sits waiting at the ready to parcel them up and hustle them out the door even if his kids are puking all over everything that particular day.

I drivel on about this to bring the bad news that $27.95 is not too bad a price for an extremely specific item that is no longer manufactured.

You can buy those ones, you can set up an eBay saved search and hope somebody eventually lists them for $10, or you can start a rummaging-in-thrift-shops habit yourself -- if you've been to the manufacturer and trawled through current listings, that's the way of these things; there are not secret sources for discontinued parts going cheap (while still being quickly IDed) because nobody can make enough money to eat selling hard-to-find items for $3.

The odds of them popping up on eBay for less than $27.95 in a not-too-long time frame seem quite reasonable, though. I'd just sit tight on a saved search.
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I thought Tupperware could re-make items for which you had the mold number. Perhaps that's not true anymore, or is this a specialty item to which that would not apply? You could chat with a Tupperware person - the link is on the page above.
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I did call Tupperware by phone directly at the number on that web page: The rep I talked to said that Tupperware doesn't sell spare parts to consumers, and the only way to get parts is to go through a local sales consultant. They were supremely unhelpful.
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She should at least have given you contact information for your local consultant.
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I know it is not the answer you want, and it is not terribly helpful, but what Tupperware told you is correct. They do not sell direct to the public. Their whole business model is based on their stuff only being available - new or replacements - from Tupperware reps/consultants/whatever they call them. Obviously they can't control people giving stuff to op shops and then having it resold, but your chances of finding the exact thing you need from a secondhand shop or online are (as you're discovering) pretty slim. I personally think it's like some kind of weird variation on Amway and don't much care for it, but it obviously works.

Try another rep. The good news is that if they don't manufacture that part anymore, they'll replace it with something equivalent.
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