How can I fix this chipped glass cookie jar lid?
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I have a lovely old L.E.Smith/Fenton moon and stars glass cookie jar. How can I seal the lid, which has broken and chipped?

The lid has been dropped a few times and there are some sharp edges.

I'd like to make sure I don't cut myself on it, and I'd like to keep glass shards out of my cookies.

What can I do, as a not very handy person with extremely limited apartment space, to fix it? Or where do I take it and what do I say to get a professional to fix it for me?

I have no interest in ever selling the jar, so I don't care about whatever minimal resale value it might have; I just want to make it safer and more usable.

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Best answer: Doesn't seem ideal, but the only thing I can think of is Sugru. Homemade versions available. Depending on how tight the lid fits, might need to sand it back a bit once cured.
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Best answer: I have a similarly broken jar that I repaired with Sugru and it works fine, but you may actually get better results from an epoxy resin putty like Loctite repair putty. Sugru dries to a flexible, rubbery sort of texture, while I think that the epoxy resin would be more rigid and similar to glass.

Like I said, the Sugru works fine, and I haven't tried epoxy resin for this, but if I hadn't had some Sugru lying around when I fixed my jar, I think that's what I would have tried.
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Response by poster: Thanks to both of you! I'd heard of Sugru but hadn't thought about using it for this.

Thank you!
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