The PMP Exam is changing -- Should I return my study materials?
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I very recently purchased some study materials for the PMP exam and now I see that the exam is changing. Should I try to return my study materials?

Today I read that the PMI is changing the PMP exam, with the current version not being tested after November 1: Can any PMP mefites tell me if the exam is likely changing enough for me to justify trying to return my study materials (PMBOK 5th Ed., Rita's PMP Exam Prep 8th Ed.)? Or do the changes read as being minor enough that I can continue studying these materials, while noting the updates to the relevant sections and adjusting my studying accordingly?

I know the ideal would be to try to pass before 11/1, but as I just got these books over the weekend, it seems unlikely at this point. I didn't spend a huge amount of cash on the study materials ($115 or so) but obviously I'd rather not have wasted that money, nor do I want to waste my time studying texts that may actually prove detrimental to my ability to pass the exam.

Thanks so much for any insight you can provide.
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Best answer: From the Exam Content Outline:
Candidates studying for the examination will certainly want to include the current edition of the PMBOKĀ® Guide as one of their references...
The 5th edition is still the current one, so you should be all right. But keep checking the Web for updates from people who have actually taken the new test after November 1st.
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Best answer: I served on the PMI Credentialing Committee which wrote the last exam. I cannot speak to the current exam changes, but the exam writing is a huge undertaking that draws from all the recommended texts but most essentially from the PMBOK. If you are studying the current PMBOK - particularly for task order and phasing - you should be fine. If you are using sample tests, pay particular attention to phase/sequence questions since those have changed.

Personally, I'd take the test before 11/1 - even if it meant some pretty hard studying. There won't be good study guides for the new test for awhile after they are deployed.
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Response by poster: Thank you both! For anyone else who might have the same question:

I dug around on their website and learned that the updated version of Rita's for the revised exam is shipping this week. So if you've purchased your book in late July/early August, really inspect to make sure if it's the most recent or not.

For anyone else studying for the PMP using the earlier edition of Rita's 8th Ed., the relevant amendments are available now (if somewhat buried on their website): It looks like the changes are exceedingly minor, easy enough to cut out and tape into the relevant sections of the book.
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