Where to find a sleek laptop backpack?
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Looking for a sleek and compact woman's laptop backpack for the 14" ibook.

This is going to be a gift for my sister who has been having a hard time finding an elegant and compact backpack for her laptop. Most of the bags I've found have been slightly too small for her 14" ibook. Here are a couple of bags that approximate what I'm going for: Ellington and Sumdex.
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I was just looking for a non-geeky laptop bag for myself so I made the rounds to the decent bag sites earlier this week. I wasn't looking for a backpack or for a women's bag so I only remember a couple things I saw that seem to fit what you describe (and it's hard for me to judge sleekness), but: acmemade slimpack, MobileEdge Paris Komen, Booq Boa, Kara B Metro.
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This might be not fancy enough, but Target has some nice sleek-looking laptop bags.
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Not a backpack, but the Timbuk2 bags are really awesome; they come in lots of colors and the classic messengers can be customized. Check out the laptop messengers (like the classic but with padding) and the Marina Computer Handbag. The Detour 2.0 is like some of the examples you gave; it can be a backpack or messenger bag.
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Depends how much you want to spend, but Knomo makes great quality laptop bags. They are definitely sleek. I've seen a lot of them and they are very high quality, great leather etc. Looks like it would have to be mail order if you are in the US.
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STM Bags make some elegant looking bags in the non-backpack department. There is Intention and the discountinued but possibly still available Diva (some stockists may still have some).
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These large and small Merrell packs seem pretty sleek and look as though they’d fit a 14” laptop.
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Pinder - not a backpack, but very sleek.
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I personally LOVE this sites bags. And they come in the size you're looking for!

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the levenger executive briefcase is a little larger than you need, but i think it's attractive and have had nothing but good experiences with levenger.
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The straps break off on those Target bags. And they're not very comfortable.
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I have an Osprey Flux, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. It is by far the most comfortable and well organized bags I've ever had. The rest of the Osprey laptop bags have earned similar raves from friends. I like this one as well.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the recommendations! Mendel, those are great bags, just a bit too expensive. I hope to find something under $150. This has really helped focus my search efforts. More suggestions welcome. Thanks Again!
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Here are a bunch that I like and are totally within your price range.
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Ask the Bag Lady?
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