Wedding guest hairstyle suggestions for a grown-out bob
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I'm going to an outdoor wedding tomorrow afternoon, and it will be hot. I am also the type of person who tends to get sweatier than most, and I'm having difficulty figuring out what to do with my hair.

The event is super casual, so much so that I was just considering washing it and wearing it down, as I normally do. My hair is in a transistion state right now, kind of a shoulder length lob, with grown-out bangs that are long enough to be tucked behind the ears.

Left on its own, my hair when clean and blow dried has a sort of flip towards the bottom and my hair texture is somewhere between medium and fine, I am on the lighter reddish blonde side of brunette. The biggest problem with my hair is that it tends to be very flat, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it more voluminous (which is something I would very much like to figure out how to do, since I have a rounder, chubbier face and upper body and I always feel like bigger hair would balance that out somehow).

I have googled and youtubed ideas but everything seems...way more complex than my skill level, and much more fussy than I really need it to be. I am fine with the shape of my hair as is, I just want it to be, bigger somehow. And secure, like something that will hold up in 90 degree heat and my constant perspiration.

So I'm hoping maybe someone on here can help me with a link or something, or explain how to do what I need to do like I'm five (I don't even know how to backcomb my hair, which is something friends have suggested I do before but it always just looks like a big ass tangle instead when I do it). Any suggestions to make and keep my hair on the fuller side would be great.

The difficulties to keep in mind: I am bad at hairstyling, I do not have time or money to go to a last minute salon for this, the only tools I have at my disposal are a regular brush, round brush, assortment of combs, hairdryer, hairspray and some sticky paste stuff that I used to put in my hair when it was shorter. I might have some bumble & bumble sea spray laying around here somewhere from a few summers ago, but not sure on that. Also, I don't really have time or cash to go purchase any hair accessories or product, so if you can work with what I've got I would super appreciate any suggestions.
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Best answer: After you blowdry, lift up sections of your hair and hairspray your roots. Style as usual. To repoof throughout the day, rub your fingertips in tiny circles throughout your scalp.
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I have short hair that is very fine but I've got a lot of it (my hairdresser tells me). Fine hair but a lot of hair makes my hair super flat. Here's what I do and it works like a dream (although remember this is short hair) (but I figure if what you're looking for is volume it won't really matter):

1. Mousse. Since you don't have mousse, use a small amount of the wax you do have. While your hair is wet, rub the wax between your palms and, when it's warm and evenly distributed on your palms, run your hands through your hair so that it is evenly distributed in your hair. Not a huge ton of it. It's hard for me to calculate exactly how much you need without knowing your wax consistency or the actual amount of hair we're talking about, but don't use a ton because that will weigh your hair down later.

2. Blow dry. Take your brush in one hand and your blowdryer in the other, bend at the waist so your head is upside down, and power dry your hair, high heat, high air pressure, while brushing your hair away from your head (i.e., toward the floor) until its dry. If you used the right amount of wax, it will have a LOT of unruly volume without any discernible shape.

3. Wax. Now take a bit more of the wax, rub it between your palms, and strategically shape your hair. Poof it a bit, bunch it with your fists on the sides and the top, and pat it into a shape you like.

4. Hairspray the fuck out of it. I hope you have Control Freak level hairspray because this is key.

Finally, if you have *any* hair accessories that you can use, including but not limited to hairbands, you might have better luck with the perspiration issue. But don't think that this is a once and done kind of deal in that kind of weather. The wax should allow you to poof in the ladies' room if your 'do starts to crumple -- don't add any more wax after you spray your hair because that is a recipe for sticky flat hair
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Get a few bob pins for a french twist
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My best advice is that you don't fight your hair texture - especially when you factor in the heat and perspiration. I'd blow it straight and use a bobby pin to tuck your bangs behind your ear. Done.

If you have the sea spray maybe there'd be a few more options with fine-ish hair. You might beef up the front with the spray and do french braid bangs which have the added advantage of keeping your growing our hair off of your face. I would not use the wax on fine hair that's more than an inch long. Wax is going to add weight and stickiness.
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It seems the french twist works best with about that length.
If bobby pins don't hold, there are hair combs that work.
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Best answer: I fucking suck at styling hair and, like you, like big hair. Things that have actually worked for me:

1) L'Oreal Volume Filler shampoo and conditioner. For whatever reason, they really work! (Even my boyfriend uses them.) The formula is the one that L'Oreal company uses for their higher-end products.
2) Hair texturizing powder (all brands have been roughly equal for me, but this is the most easy-to-find brand I know of). You will probably want to experiment with this before the day of the wedding-- a little goes a LONG way and you have to kind of zhjuzh(?) it throughout the day to keep the effect going, but it's like backcomb-in-a-bottle.
3) got2b Rise 'n Shine Glistening Full Blow Dry Creme. Thickens, protects your hair from heat, and speeds up blow drying time!

These are all easy and don't require tools (except a blow dryer for #3, but only if you want to). You could definitely use some of these + sea salt spray for a loose, wavy look!
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I have hair that sounds very similar to yours -- shoulder-length bob, medium/fine but thick at the same time, light brunette. When I want something a little different than my default of wearing it down, I pin the bangs back kind of like this. It's extremely easy, just section off the bang area, clip it back with bobby pins or a couple snap clips, and finish with hair spray.
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I also have fine hair, although mine is also wavy, which means frizz occurs when I try to volumize.

Since you can't buy new stuff now, I would stick to blow-drying upside down and then using hairspray also upside down and stay down until it dries. I wouldn't touch your hair during the day, as touching can transfer oil and oil can weigh down your hair, causing less volume. Sweat does the same, so I would put my hair up into a simple hairstyle, maybe a simple twist.

When you have more budget for hair, see if you can find Dove's Oxygen volumizing spray on sale somewhere. I actually helps my fine hair.
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Seconding hair texturizing powder. I've only used it once - stylist applied it after a haircut - but I was impressed with how much hold it gave my (very fine but thick) hair without stiffness. It was probably more fuss than I'd go to on a regular basis, but nothing unreasonable - she worked across the top of my head, parting my hair and applying powder (she used the bottle directly but said that she'd recommend using fingertips instead at home as that's easier to control) into the part and massaging it in a little. Then she'd make another part an inch or so over and repeat. It was maybe four applications like this, and a final massage with both hands, going up under the hair to rough everything up before gently combing it into place. And then I had a really surprising amount of volume that held up well on a hot day.
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Listen - I have your hair, but a tad longer - fine, straight, but a lot of it. If I walk out of the shower and let my hair air-dry, it is pin-straight, smooth, and has zero volume. I know you don't want to spend, but can you do six bucks? Garnier Texture Tease spray is some goddamned dark magic. I put a touch of something smoothing on my ends while my hair is still wet, blow dry (and not with brushes and stretching, just upside-down blow dry my whole head) and then spray some of this ONLY around the roots. Just enough volume, and as a weird added bonus, my hair is not as oily on day 2 (so I'm assuming there's something powdery or absorb-y in it). It also helps my hair "grab" more when I use pins and clips in it. Genius stuff, and they have it at every Wal-mart, drug store, whatever that sells Garnier hair.
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I also have very fine flat hair and I bike everywhere, so I sweat a lot! After I wash my hair, while it's still wet, I rub quite a bit of kitchen-grade cornstarch into my hair, then brush it out (some stays). I find it gives my hair more volume and texture, and when you sweat, the cornstarch absorbs the moisture. It's like your hair has built-in dry shampoo.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the input! As it turns out, I only have hairspray at my disposal (also I'm in the midst of moving which is why I don't have much to work with, all this stuff is packed up) so I'm gonna try the upside down blow dry with hairspray! And when I have more time and money I will definitely look into all the product suggestions for embiggening my hair, so thank you all for those too!
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