Anna Akhmatova expert needed, stat.
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I am working on an article that's due today. My editor wanted me to get some quotes from those who were influenced by/familiar with the work of Anna Akhmatova. Somehow, all but one of my contacts didn't work out, and I only have a couple lines. I am looking for a writer, scholar, translator, etc. who can answer a few questions in complete sentences for a general audience and can do so via email or phone today. Any suggestions?
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Did you try Help a Reporter Out?
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A dear friend of mine is a (retired) professor of Russian studies and has mentioned Akhmatova more than once in my hearing. I've poked him, will let you know if he can be of use.
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I'm the retired Russian prof mentioned by feckless above. I participated in the Akhmatova Centenary Conference in 1989 at Bellagio, and had contact in Leningrad with the late Vladimir Admoni, who was a friend of Akhmatova. I haven't used Metafilter in years -- but if it has a message/chat function, you can use it to ask me questions, and I'll do my best to answer succinctly and for a general audience. Are you writing for Canadians? If so I can be of more help with influences on Canadian poets.
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Response by poster: @pernishus--Sent you MeFi mail. :) Thank you, and of course, thank you @feckless fecal fear mongering! :)

@DarlingBri--Didn't know about that site. Thank you. I'll use it next time.
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