Where to host a small poetry reading in the Bay Area?
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I'm publishing a chapbook of poems this month, and I'd like to do a short reading when I visit the SF Bay Area at the beginning of August. I'm looking for a small, intimate venue where I can host this public event.

I'm from the Bay Area originally, but I haven't lived there for about 7 years, so a lot of the places I had in mind are no longer there. I'm looking for a coffeeshop, independent bookstore, wine bar, or someplace along those lines that would be open to me doing a chapbook reading. It would be a half hour long and I would have copies of the book available for free. I'll have some friends and family there but I'm definitely looking for it to be a public event. I'm not likely to draw a huge crowd, so a small and intimate venue is probably best. Imagine I'm part of an acoustic duo playing their first show - who would you recommend they contact?

I'll be based in Concord (my home town), but anywhere in the area is fine. Any ideas?
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I'm in an adjacent county. Local public libraries sometimes host author events. (Feel free to drop me a memail once you find a space.)
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Laurel Books in downtown Oakland hosts plenty of author events.
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Best answer: The San Francisco Public Library branches are good choices. The Bernal Heights branch is always hoting recitals, readings, musical performances, and so on.

Ditto Bird & Beckett in Glen Park. It's a bookstore, but hosts readings and music (especially jazz) all the time. They have a poet-specific series, so it might be worth reaching out and asking them for more information.

These are both intimate spaces, not big caverns. I'd love to give a reading at either and go to events at both all the time.
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The Booksmith on Haight; Any of several bookstores on Valencia (Dog-Eared, Borderlands), Vinyl Coffeeshop on Divis.

Check out literary open mics coming up and go read at them! Then you'll have a built in crowd.

Read this (old but still somewhat accurate) article about LitQuake for ideas.
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