How to Shop for Directors & Officers Liability Insurance for a NonProfit
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I'm doing some work for a small but growing nonprofit based in the State of Wisconsin. They are looking into getting Directors and Officers Liability Insurance and asked me if I knew of a good policy provider. The providers I'm familiar with would not work with a group this small (small board, Executive Director, volunteers...donation receipts about $200K+). I'm unsure of how best to vet a provider that I don't have direct experience with...any advice?
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Best answer: We were able to get something started through the Nonprofit Isurance Alliance Group, even though we're about the same size as you describe. We were quoted $800/year for general liability with $1,000,000 limits per occurrence and D&O for $600/year with $1,000,000 limits. I believe we had to get the general liability before we could get the D&O.
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You don't mention what sort of nonprofit you are but if you are an arts org - an arts service organization like Arts Midwest ( should be able to hook you up or point you in a good direction.

We had general liability that I think was $800/year or somesuch thing, and our D&O was $1200, IIRC. We were quite small. There were powertools involved though.
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Get in touch with a broker and let them do all the work for you. I've worked with Dick Zande before here in Chicago and while I'm not 100% sure they'll be able to help since you're based in Wisconsin, Dick knows a lot of folks in the industry and can probably put you in touch with a broker who can. (They're a really small shop themselves so don't be scared to call and ask.)

The brokers get kick-backs from the insurance companies so don't charge you a fee. It's basically a free insurance-finding service.
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Broker + NIAC is how I deal with such things at my small non-profit.

Bonus: I make use of the assorted webinars NIAC hosts for free to its members.
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