Leather Key Chain?
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Where can I find a nice-ish leather key chain that I could possibly have personalized?

My Dad has a milestone birthday coming up, and I would like to get him a leather key chain. The key chain needs to be:
-appropriate for motorcycle keys (thus the leather)
-No more than $125 (preferably in the $75 to $100 range)
-black leather
-personalizable (but this one is a negotiable)

I've been searching for a while now, and this is what I've found:
-A Harley Key Fob: Seems a little on the inexpensive side for such a present
-Needlepoint Key Fobs: While I really like these, I'm afraid that they may be a bit too cute for motorcycle keys?
-Leather Personalized Key Fob: Unsure about the style and the quality

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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My partner has a Jack Spade leather key fob and the quality is very good.
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What about this one? Classic style, good quality (full grain) leather and they offer complimentary monogramming. Not sure how you feel about the big logo on one side though. The Colonol Littleton one looks nice too. I wouldn't pay more than $40 for a high quality leather key fob and I like (and own) several Saddleback Leather products which some think are overpriced.
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...And another idea if you want to be really creative and have a one-of-a-kind gift. Saddleback sells leather scraps for $25. You could buy one of those, which while risky, surely would have some of their black leather in it. Then you could find someone local to you who could design and create a keyfob for you. No clue how much that costs, but I would guess under $100 since key fobs are so small and I imagine it would be a pretty easy job. Or just do it yourself if you have the know how and tools.
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I have a friend who does leather work, and will do custom stuff. MeMail me if you'd like an introduction!
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Etsy has some really good looking personalized leather fobs, including some nice masculine ones. Prices are pretty reasonable too.
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I was going to say Levenger is usually pretty good for stuff like this but the only thing I am turning up on their site key-fob-wise are enthusiastic reviews about now-discontinued products. I mention in case your idea shifts to a small leather pouch of some sort. Their quality and embossing are reliable.
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I have a dog collar from MJ Leather on Etsy and the workmanship and leather are beautiful. She makes a variety of key things and will also make custom items (I got a flat version of one of the round collars.)

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A local flea market. My mother picked up a brown leather keychain a few months ago for my husband that had some freemason square and compass on it. It's from one of those places that does custom leather belts where you can have them put your name on it, etc.

I want to say she only paid about $10 for it, if that. I'm sure something custom would be a little more but I can't imagine something as expensive as your price range.
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Thanks for all of the helpful answers! I've decided to go with a Smathers and Branson key fob afterall---I found a design that really seemed to fit my Dad's personality and preferences. Thanks again, though, for all of the advice!
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