Silverware or flatware that is weighted, simple, modern?
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Need to purchase moderately priced set of flatware/silverware for a guy with shaky hands. Looking for heavy or weighted flatware recs. Yes I know there's a lot of stuff for people with ADL, tremors, etc. but I am looking for something elegant, simple, unadorned that doesn't look "medical." Pottery barn, crate & barrel, Target-looking stuff. Needs to feel heavy in the hand but look good in a bare, simple sort of way. Thanks.
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KEatlery Weighted Utensils?
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YOU WANT ONEIDA! Simple, classic, utilitarian while still pretty, and it has a weight where you hold and and are like "wow, what a satisfying spoon!" I am extremely cranky about my flatware and jesus I love my Oneida set. It's just normal everyday stuff (not specially "weighted") but has a better heft and balance than any other type of flatware I've ever used. I love it so much I actually mention it in the first section of my dating profile. I have FEELINGS about my flatware.

Of course it comes in a pile of different styles. Unfortunately the style I have appears to be retired otherwise I'd link it, but I like it for being unfussy, broad, not too rounded, and also having a slight ridge running along it that gives it extra grippy stability. You should do some browsing of styles and keep those kind of things in mind. I think you would be best served by finding a style that's got some uniform girth throughout the length rather than one that tapers.

Unfortunately Oneida can be a bit spendy--I'm not sure what "moderately priced" means to you. I lucked out big time and found my set at Ross for less than half retail. Check places like Ross, Marshall's, and TJ Maxx. You can also occasionally find good deals on Oneida sets on

Some thoughts on other brands: Some Target stuff has a decent weight but is cut cheaply, and has edges that sit awkwardly and feel unnatural in your hand. Nearly everything I've tried from Ikea is either too lightweight and/or too skinny for my tastes. Stay away from flatware that has a separate/alt material handle part and stick to stuff that's a complete unbroken piece of stainless. Also, if you decide to go with an Oneida set, make sure you actually get an Oneida set. I'm pretty sure they have a budget line they sell exclusively through Target that's not as high quality.
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In case it helps: My shaky- and weak-handed father tends to prefer steak knives to butter knives for almost every meal that involves cutting things, because the sharper cutting edge means he doesn't have to put as much pressure into the action. So that may be something to consider, too, in addition to the flatware.
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You might check out flatware from Sasaki. My flatware (the Basic line, now discontinued) has quite a lot of heft, even the hollow-handled dinner knives. It's not cheap for stainless, but it's worth a look. My wife and I found it at Marshall Field's (now Macy's, alas). I think you'd want to go somewhere that carries it and compare the options, since some of them are lightweight and others much heavier.
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We recently purchased Oneida Moda and find it's both pleasingly heavy and well-balanced. Any Bed Bath & Beyond with a registry department should at least have a set on display that you can see and handle. (We paid under $200 for service for 12, which I consider to be pretty reasonable.)
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I have a set from IKEA that's pretty heavy-feeling, and my boyfriend has this nice, heavy set from Crate and Barrel.
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I agree about Oneida. I bought some last year when moving into my first apartment and I almost couldn't believe my fortune, because I loved them SOOO much. Caveat: no tremor, I'm just picky about heft and shape in silverware.
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We have these from Threshold at Target. Heavy with a rounded grip, balanced (definitely no sharp edges) and a modern smooth look. I like them a lot and found them to be a good price for the quality.
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Another vote for Oneida. We have the Julliard set and it has a nice weight, especially the knife.
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I like Yamazaki. I have a set of the Hilary pattern. But it is not cheap.
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