Classic film studio tours, film museums and Hitchcock?
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Best Los Angeles film studio tours for classic films, a film museum of sorts and anything Hitchcock?

Due to a severe lack of information on websites, what are the best two studio tours for classic film buffs? While studio tours that have sets for the Avengers would be really fun, we're really looking for classic film instead.

Are there any other suggestions? Is there such a thing as a film (or props) museum, or something? Back in 2010, I believe, we went to a Star Trek exhibition that my husband salivated over. lol! We got to see original series props and costumes and the like. Is there a museum in LA that is a collaborative effort, not just a single film or show, and has a lot of those or at least focuses on filmmaking?

Any and all suggestions are much appreciated. I'll be staying there for a month and am interested in picking maybe 2 film studios and then one other interesting thing, such as a museum.

If there is a Hitchcock anything, I'd be all over that too.
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Paramount, on Melrose.
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Academy Film Archive/ Margaret Herrick LibraryCall up the Academy and ask what is available. The Herrick Library has original film scripts and posters. Also try UCLA film library. Both sites are dedicated to film preservation.
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Also try USC; Speilberg, Lucas and Katzenberg just gave the school a huge endowment a few years ago.
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Check out The Hollywood Museum, formerly the Hollywood History Museum, formerly the Max Factor Museum (still located in the old Max Factor building). I really enjoyed that.
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The Academy Library is very interesting, but there's not a ton of stuff on exhibit. The Academy Film archive isn't really open to the public for tours--you can make a request to view a film for research, but it's not like a museum.
You can tour the Disney lot if you're a member of Disney D23 fan club (the last one was in April.)
Warners has studio tours.
UCLA has some up-coming screenings, but no public tours at present.
The Hollywood Museum in the Max Factor building is okay---don't expect too much.
The film community has been very vocal about preserving our heritage but very lax about establishing a real museum. The Academy is working on a museum.
I like the Grammy museum, but it's not film, obviously.
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You might want to see if any of the Esotouric Bus Adventures going on while you're here pique your interest.
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Mefi's own scram runs these.

Hitchcock was based at Universal at the end of his career. I don't know how much the tour deals with him now.
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