Journalists who are experts in their subject matter
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I am looking for the journalists that are experts in what they write about.

I am looking for journalists who have some expertise on the subject matter they most often cover. Examples would be Atul Gawande on medicine, Sarah Kliff on Obamacare and Ta-Nehisi Coates on race. They don't have to be credentialed like Gawande, they just have to provide consistently excellent coverage of their subject. The kind of coverage that other experts like to read.

The reason is because if I develop an interest in something, I want to read all I can about it to learn more. As I'm not an expert myself, it's sometimes hard for me to tell if what I'm reading is fully accurate and tells the whole story. I'd like to have go-to journalists that I can look to on different subjects and have some confidence that what they say can generally be trusted. Ideally they would strive to present all sides and/or make their own bias clear (if applicable). The larger their body of work, the better. Must be journalism stuff (i.e. writing from newspapers, websites or magazines - I'm not looking for books).

The actual subject doesn't matter. My main interests are politics, foreign policy, economics, culture, etc; but I develop interests in other things all the time, so literally any experts are great. Thanks!
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William Arkin is awesome
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William Langewiesche on aviation
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Jeffrey Toobin on law.
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Paul Krugman on economics
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Jeremy Scahill
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Seymour Hersh, on political investigative journalism. He broke My Lai in 1969 and Abu Ghraib in 2004. He's a big reason I read the New Yorker.
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Jason Burke on Eurasia . Robert Fisk on the Levant. Both brits so not so well known in America.
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Carl Zimmer on biology
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Robert Reich on public policy and labor. Although he's more of a commentator like Krugman.
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Glenn Greenwald: "The NSA reporting he led for The Guardian was awarded the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for public service."
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Sebastian Junger and Jon Krakauer
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David Quammen
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Mefi's own Maia Szalavitz for anything related to drug addiction, recovery, and policy. Ditto former mefi's own Jeff Deeney, though he doesn't write as many pieces.
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He's now semi-retired, but the expert on media and journalism is Jim Romenesko.
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Washington Post Steven Pearlstein economics columnist (and Pulitzer winner) is consistently excellent. Unfortunately, he's also semi-retired (to teaching).

(Paul Krugman, mentioned above, is generally an excellent columnist and certainly a world-class economist, and I agree with most of what he writes, but I wouldn't describe him as a journalist, and he definitely does not "present all sides.")
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This might be somewhat of a stretch, but Samantha Power wrote A Problem from Hell, about America's responses to genocide in the 20th century, after covering the Yugoslav War as a journalist in the '90s. She then went on to law school, then wrote the book, and is now the American ambassador to the UN.
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Lyle Denniston on the U.S. Supreme Court.
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Mary Roach is beloved by many for not being an expert in a specific field, but going in and studying the heck out of a topic and then writing really remarkable and accurate pieces.
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John Allen on the Vatican and the papacy.
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Steve Kornacki, U.S. electoral politics.
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Dan Rafael, ESPN, boxing.
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Michael J. Totten is a former Green Beret who has spent the last 15 years spending a lot of time in various countries in the Middle East and writing about them. (His blog) I believe I read that he speaks Arabic.
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Scott Long: LGBT issues.
Blog, twitter, wikipedia.
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Melissa Gira Grant on sex work.
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Mary Beard for Rome and Classics.
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Bethany McLean on Wall Street shenanigans. She writes mainly for Vanity Fair.
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Paul Krugman on economics
Krugman is certainly an expert on economics, but it's because he's an actual (PhD) economist. Writing for the Times is a pretty small piece of his overall portfolio. I certainly wouldn't call him a journalist.

David Wessel of the WSJ, on the other hand, is an economics expert who made a serious career out of journalism.
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TV journalists:

Sanjay Gupta
Neil deGrasse Tyson
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Michael Erard and Robert Lane Greene on linguistics.
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I didn't realize how amazing Nina Totenberg is until went to law school.
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Matt Taibbi on banks and wealth inequality.
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Rukmini Callimachi on ISIS, Al-Qaida, and other terror groups and politics in contested areas.
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