Anything to do around Cedar Point that's not amusement park-y?
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Anything to do around Cedar Point that's not amusement park-related?

The Lucinda Contingent is going to Akron the weekend of July 11. For me and for KidLucinda, THAT'S CLOSE ENOUGH TO CEDAR POINT LET'S GO WAHOO ROLLER COASTERS ROLLER COASTERS ROLLER COASTERS!

Mr. Lucinda has zero interest in going. *Nothing* about amusement parks/water parks is even the slightest bit entertaining to him. He would, literally, sit on a bench and twiddle his thumbs the entire time.

Is there anything in the Sandusky, Ohio area that would entertain a 46 year old man who enjoys woodworking, bowling and old school video games for several hours while his wife and son ride the Rougarou thirty times in a row?
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Does he like baseball? There's an old-school baseball game on the 12th.

There's also a Maritime Museum, and a Merry-Go-Round Museum (which apparently has lots of nice old carved carousel animals).
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There's a daytime island-hopping Lake Erie cruise taking off at 9:30 AM on Sat, July 11. Lasts 9 hours. Trip Advisor reviews are favorable. Looks like fun to me!
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As a warning, the Maritime Museum is quite small and somewhat geared toward small children. It's still interesting and cute, but it would probably take less than an hour to get through it.

There's also the Marblehead Lighthouse to look at. Not a large area either, but there's a small museum there too (haven't been inside myself, I was there at the wrong time), and it's a nice place, very refreshing when the weather is hot.
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Are you flying in via Detroit? Because marvin's marvellous mechanical museum (in Michigan) is full of old-school mechanical wonders that delighted my family. (Tell the mechanical chicken I said Hi!). It's likely too far for him to quest to while you are doing the ride warrior thing, but stopping en route might be fun enough that he wouldn't begrudge amusing himself in the very pleasant bar in Cedar Point's on-site historic hotel while you go on OMGTOPTHRILLDRAGSTER!

Cedar Point, upon our flock's last visit, had some cool pinball opportunities in their game room. I can't remember their retro game component.

Historic Sauder Village is about 45 min away from Cedar Point, iir. My husband and son quite enjoyed visiting this museum while I attended an event at the inn next door. There was woodworking in evidence, I am told. (Sorry, my mobile isn't letting me post links. )
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There is a restaurant/off-track betting/keno/laser tag/bowling place called the Thirsty Pony that is at the very end of Cedar Point Drive (like you turn down this road to get to the parking lots and the park, and Thirsty Pony is at the beginning of it), but I don't think that would entertain him all day unless he REALLY likes bowling or betting on horses.

There are some excellent wineries in the area, as well! I have only been to but it's a nice little place.

Sauder Village, while a truly excellent slice of historic life, is almost 2 hours west of Cedar Point. It's about 45 minutes on the other side of Toledo.

Have fun at America's Rockin' Roller Coast! I was just there last Monday - Rougarou is great! Much better than when it was the Mantis!
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