IDP (international driver permit) UPDATE...still unnecessary?
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- Permitted US driver - Driving in Italy, Spain, beyond? - Already booked a rental with Holiday Rental/Expedia/Thrifty They didn't mention the need for an IDP, but our friends said something about getting this piece of paper...

(1) Is this a major concern?
(2) Should me mention anything to our rental company when we pick up the car?
(3) Is there anything we can do locally (in Paris now, Milan tomorrow) to rectify?
(4) How should we interact with police if pulled over without an IDP?
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Never been asked for it in those countries. Multiple rentals.
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Can't help with Spain, but in Italy (link is in Italian) foreigners can legally drive with a non-Italian, non-EU license for up to a year and then have to convert it to an Italian license (and get an Italian residency, but that's besides the point). So unless you're moving there you won't have an issue.
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You're supposed to have one to drive in Spain, but nobody ever asked to see ours.
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It's just a translation of your driver's license in various languages so locals that don't speak English can understand it.
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Contrary to everyone else, I have used it! It was, necessary to pick up rentals in some countries, and certainly useful for dealing with local police when we had a tire blow out and needed help at 1am. I used it in south America, and in Scotland of all places. Otherwise, it's a nice to have.
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I always use one and have only once been asked for it when driving, but I've used it regularly as photo id. Means you can leave your passport somewhere safe.
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I have rented cars in the UK, France, Italy, and Iceland, and I have never been asked for an international driver permit.
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Best answer: 1. Zero concern. IDP are for folks from countries that don't use Latin/Roman Alphabet that European law enforcement would have trouble reading.

2. No.

3. No need.

4. As you would in the US.
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