Image in my mind from a movie but I can't place it
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It's a crowd of men who are going around in a circle, maybe around a wooden wheel. Anyone? It takes place in a prison, I believe, and a bunch of men are going around and around crammed together. It is not Midnight Express. Thanks!
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Best answer: four Feathers?
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That happens at the beginning of the first Conan movie. When Conan is a boy, he's one of a crowd running the wheel. After he grows up we see him alone running it. I think they used it as an explanation for how Conan (Schwarzenegger) became so strong and muscular, since of course there weren't any injectible steroids in that era.
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Not a movie, but I'm almost positive there's a scene like this in Downton Abbey.
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Ok, I checked Downton Abbey and there's a scene with men in prison walking around the courtyard in a circle, but there's no actual wheel. If that's close enough, it's Season 3, episode 6. I will me-mail you a link and you can see if that's the scene you're remembering.
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Response by poster: It was Four Feathers! Thanks, everyone for your help.
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More like this: the painting by Van Gogh which was emulated briefly in A Clockwork Orange.
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