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Prepared beef kabob from supermarket. Has been in refrigerator, uncovered since removing from package yesterday, and was purchased yesterday. I'm assuming this would be fine to grill up in a few hours for lunch, but would there be any reason not to?
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No reason not to.
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The only issue is it's uncovered? Fine. I'd say the reason for covering is to protect other foods from raw meat juice, not to protect the raw meat.
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Why are you worried about it?

I think it would be fine. I'd just make sure the outside was sufficiently grilled, because I'm a little bit germphobic and grossed out by food not being covered in the fridge.
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You should eat that beef.
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Response by poster: I'm probably overthinking things, I'm used to working in restaurants and being on the overprotective side of food safety.
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I think the only question is what beer to have with it.
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It could dry out a bit, and it could pick up off flavors from other things in your fridge, but if it was edible yesterday, it's almost certainly edible today.
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Unless you think you accidentally left the fridge door open overnight there is no reason at all not to chow down.
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My stomach is so super-sensitive that I catch every bug and whisper of food poisoning that comes my way, and I've deliberately kept beef in the fridge uncovered for 24 hours to help dry the surface out before cooking. Totally fine. In fact, the meat will possibly taste better, as you've got a dry surface that will sear up nicely.
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As telophase says, leaving meat uncovered in the fridge to dry out a bit makes for a more perfect grill. As is leaving it out to come to room temp before searing.
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Working in restaurants you know that uncovered is only about drying out or cross contamination. If neither are a factor, cook and enjoy.
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