Modern folding outdoor table/chair set?
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I'm looking for a modern or contemporary set of outdoor table + two chairs that would fit a small balcony, and which could all be folded up for storage. My ideal choice would be the Mia by emu, which comes in the colours I want (ideally, black), but at $940 + shipping from Europe it's about twice my budget. Plus, while the table folds flat, the chairs don't. Another, cheaper choice is the Pocket by Jan Kurtz, which is only $95 per chair plus shipping from Europe, but there's no table, and I would have a hard or impossible time finding one that matched the design. I'm out of options. I don't want a nostalgic bistro table and I don't want some cheap plastic stuff. My budget is around $400-500.
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Response by poster: Alessi's Piana chair is also great, but too expensive at $212, and again, no matching table.
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This set from Ikea could be doable, especially if you paint it in a colour that suits you (black) There's probably money left over in the budget to have someone do that for you.
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Best answer: This one is fiberglass polypropylene - same material as the pocket chair, but no aluminum frame. Other than that, it comes in black, stores away smaller than your first choice, and the price is right:

This one isn't really what you asked for, but wood and metal, dark in color, under $100 and compact (and sort of neat!):
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Best answer: The spare black folding chair from Crate and Barrel looks to me very much like the pocket chair you link above.

You could pair it with their Largo Fliptop Table which is round and folds in exactly the same way that the Mia does.

Downside is that neither piece will be in stock again until July, but that's not really so far away - probably the same amount of time as shipping from Europe.
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The Fermob metal bistro folding chairs come in black ($216 for a pair) and match nicely with your metal bistro table of choice.
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Response by poster: I should have mentioned that my balcony is wide but very small; depthwise, only 1m.

The Nardi Zic Zac would have worked if the table were smaller, same with the Largo Fliptop. The table can't be more than 60cm/24in in diameter in order for people to be able to squeeze past it, I think.

I might find a different table to pair with the Crate and Barrel chair, though.

Thanks for the tips so far, please keep them coming. (evoque, I appreciate the answer, but those were unfortunately examples of what I don't want. :-)
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I have director's chairs. They aren't especially modern, but they are much more comfortable than any other outdoor chair I've used, and they fold up. I pick them up cheap at garage sales.
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There's lots of stuff at Hayneedle. Here's what a search for "folding bistro" turned up. This black set is just over $300 (for 2 chairs and a table).
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Response by poster: That stuff is too old-fashioned for my tastes, sorry!
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Response by poster: I found the perfect chair. Unfortunately nobody makes it.

Also absolutely perfect: these vintage 1970s chairs in leather from L├╝bke. Unfortunately, I can't find them for sale, and they're probably quite expensive.

Also perfect: DWR used to sell a beautiful chair called Lina, that was quite cheap. But they're not sold anymore, and I can't find it on eBay or Craigslist.
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How about the Flux chair? They also make coffee tables and cocktail tables but the design is so striking that you could pair it would another more basic table if you prefer. Not sure on the pricing but I see the chairs for as cheap as $70.
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Best answer: Also these vintage orange chairs (pair with a chrome table maybe) or these chrome chairs, or these.
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Response by poster: Those vinyl chairs are amazing, acidic. But the seat height is very low, so it's more like a deck chair (which I already have) than the kind of dining-type chair I need.

I also really like the other two, thanks. Considering them. Need to see if it's possible to find a matching table. Folding tables are rare and are usually either wood or "French bistro"-style.

The Flux chair is neat, but a little too weird. It looks a bit cheap, and I can't imagine that the plastic will look great after a few years, especially with outdoor use.
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For a table you could go for one of those restaurant-style brushed aluminum tables, like this square one. Optional folding and super cheap too.
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