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My camera, which is a Kodak EasyShare C183 and which I've had since Christmas 2011, is malfunctioning. Whenever I turn it on, it turns itself off within a few seconds. It's indicating that it's a battery issue, but it isn't actually a battery issue because I put new ones in when it first started happening and it didn't help. Is there anything I can do to fix it? Alternatively, is there any way I can have it repaired for less than what it would cost to buy a new camera?
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It would be cheaper to get another one. They're around $35 to $40 used on Ebay.
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Check inside the battery compartment to see if any of the metal bits that hold the batteries in place are bent out of shape. If the cells are wiggling around loose in there that might be causing the camera to shut off.
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Also wiping down the connections carefully with an alcohol wipe can help of grime is in the way.
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Unless it's something obvious, like a loose battery door or metal contacts inside the battery compartment that you can bend a little, it is probably not worth fixing. You could just buy a new-old-stock version of that same, or a very similar, camera for less than the cost of an estimate from a repair facility.
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