Chinese character for "good luck"?
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Can anyone steer me to an image of a Chinese character suitable for expressing "Good Luck!" (as in, good luck on your exams)?
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好运道 is 'Good Luck' in Mandarin.
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Maybe one listed here? would work. (the first one maybe?) Or steal a dragon tile from a mahjong set?
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Yah, I'd like a little more than maybe - I did the requisite google image search but I wanted to hear from someone who's confident about the connotations.
You know, like [q: Native Chinese, frequently wishes Good Luck to people with upcoming exams.]
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加油 isn't good luck but means "Do a good job!" and I think people actually say it.
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祝你好运 is the generic, and quite literal phrase for 'wish you good luck'.

Wishing somebody '金榜提名' means wishing somebody getting the top grades. It's a very traditional phrase, and might get you points for 'cute'. An image here.

Wishing somebody '所向披靡' means wishing somebody 'rule!' But this is getting too close to my particular taste.
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make them two eggs and a sausage, signifying "100" .. seriously. that is, if you're in a breakfast-makin' position.
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It is so freaking awesome that Mozilla properly renders those chinese characters. And that I can use Ctrl-plus to blow them up and get a closer look ...
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Thirteenkiller is right - that's the standard phrase Chinese people use for "good luck" in an exam-taking sense. kcm's means "very good", and the rest so far are a bit more formal and/or esoteric.
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Thanks, all. And thanks, Matt, for getting unicode working so this thread was possible.
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