How raunchy is CATASTROPHE?
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How raunchy is the new Amazon streaming show CATASTROPHE in terms of nudity, sex, language, etc.? I'm reading great things about it, but am wondering if it's something I would feel comfortable watching with my older teen boy. Reference point: we're watching Grace & Frankie now (great show btw!) and that's been ok for us to watch together...
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I just re-watched Catastrophe this weekend. No nudity but very high on swearing, including lots of f-bombs and a few c-words. It's definitely an adult comedy probably aimed more at the 30+ market rather than the younger twenties/late teen age group in terms of the themes and characters.

Something I really laughed at is Life's Too Short, and I think a teenager might like it. On the bad taste scale of Anchorman, to give you an idea.
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As an example, in Catastrophe one scene involves two male characters discussing the orgasm one of them had from a prostate massage, and what was involved in achieving it, in some detail. The two main protagonists also fuck a lot and talk a lot about sex in fairly graphic ways (also very funny).

The whole vibe of the show is whether these two people, late 30s, early 40s, should make a go of it. There are a lot of fairly serious themes in the show too, unemployment, (pre)cancer, and the risks involved in being an older mother. The compare/contrast of their friends' marriages is also highlighted, and how familiarity can breed contempt.
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Thanks, essexjan. Very helpful!
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My wife and I just watched the whilole series last night. It's very funny but I think it's too raunchy for teenagers. They won't really be shocked I suspect but at the same time I wouldn't recommend it.

Per essexjan, I'm not sure if the themes of the show would be all that interesting to teenagers. Again, it's not complex, I'm sure teens would understand it but I don't think it would resonate with them very much.

I enjoyed it a lot though. Not perfect but very funny and perhaps too close to my own life at times.
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Also there's sex scenes... The nudity is limited, but it's pretty explicit that what you're watching is two people fucking.
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