Illustrated map of "Swiss Family Robinson" adventure
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Looking for an illustrated map of the islands/archipelago and many forts & structures of "New Switzerland" as featured in the classic novel by Johann Wyss.

The major search engines give mostly esoteric Disney-related results and a few old & obscure maps (such as this one at Wikipedia). Surprisingly, I was unable to locate anything more detailed than these, such as, perhaps something inspired by the grandeur of the islands explored and inhabited by William Robinson and his family.

As with the LotR stories I found myself wishing for a companion map to follow along on the adventure, especially as many references are made to the various locations named and identified by the characters.

Maybe my various search terms were wrong, or perhaps the desired results are buried under so many similar, though less-relevant results. At this point I can only imagine the level of detail and possibilities presented by the imagery and wonder of the story (Ref: Unabridged version published in 1963, Airmont Publishing).
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How about this?
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Response by poster: It's a start to be sure; thank you. I suppose what I'm picturing in my mind is a large, high-resolution scan of something hand-drawn... only because I imagine it would have been done many years ago before digital tools. The aesthetic would reflect the sentimentality of either an adult or a child, with markings for places like Safety Bay, Falconhurst, Tentholm, the shipwreck of course, Woodlands, Whale Island, the Salt Cavern and so forth, some iconography and a few notes on notable events... perhaps even little dotted lines showing the routes traversed between them.

I just have to imagine that with such a beloved story having been read by so many people, young and old alike over generations now, that someone must have been inspired to lovingly hand-craft a detailed map of the setting for this wonderful adventure.

The only real question is whether such a handiwork has been made publicly available on the web (and whether MeFi community is aware of it).

Even something roughly of that nature would be fantastic but of course it would be a greater delight to see different interpretations of the landscape as imagined in the minds of readers.
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