Anyone Know What Content Management System This Is?
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This is Politico's New York State politics website: Capital - New York Does anybody have a clue as to what platform they are using? As in, what CMS (content management system)? In advance, thanks for the help!
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Best answer: By the look of the /user page, it's Drupal of some variation.
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Best answer: The source code reveals that it is Drupal. Politics people are way into Drupal.
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Best answer: I took a quick peek at the source code and it looks like Drupal.
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Response by poster: I guess that pretty much settles that! Thanks!
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Specifically, Drupal 6.35 (at the time of this post).

If a site is using Drupal, you can often check the version by adding /CHANGELOG.txt to the site url. Sites need to specifically block access to this if they don't want it visible to the public, which doesn't often happen.

The other telltale signs in the HTML source code are many of the linked files at "/sites/all/themes/".
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For future reference (OP or anyone else who finds this), BuiltWith will generally give you any information you need to know about a site's architecture.
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