Help me become an Australian news junkie
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I went on a news sabbatical while on holiday in Australia. Four years later (and still here!), I haven't picked up my news habit, and I'd like to start.

Where do I begin? What should I watch/read/listen to?

I'm a left-leaning Canadian living in Melbourne and working in tech. Back home, I read the Globe and Mail, Le Devoir and a bunch of journalist-nerd blogs. I listened to the CBC and Radio-Canada.

I don't have a TV (but it sounds like iview might solve that problem?). I love (love, love) listening to the radio, but don't know which stations I'd like.

Help me find my "media home" in Melbourne/Australia?
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The Conversation
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You'd probably enjoy watching Q&A on the ABC.
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The Guardian
First Dog on the Moon for your lefty social justice political lunar canine perspective.

The shows on Radio National (mentioned by Alice Russel-Wallace above) include:
Breakfast with Fran Kelly 6am-9am. Frequently interviews senior politicians. Kelly is a very experienced political journalist and broadcaster. Listen to the show for a week, the whole show if possible, so you get the format. Then you may choose to just listen (or podcast) the parts you enjoy.
The World Today with Eleanor Hall at noon.
PM at 5pm.
There are some excellent other current affairs shows on RN too.
You may also be interested in Insiders on ABC TV on Sunday mornings.
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ABC Newsradio is good when Parliament is not sitting, and also features various foreign news programmes.
PM presenter Mark Colvin is very useful on Twitter.
John Quiggin is a left-leaning (but thoroughly mainstream and highly credible) economist.
The Australian edition of the Guardian has lots to it - the politics live blog is worthwhile.
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Nthing Guardian Australia
The Monthly
The Saturday Paper.
Spare yourself the pain of Insiders, I beg you, if you must scratch that itch, consider paying for Crikey (Bernard Keane is most enjoyable).
Nthing World Today and News Radio. Radio National can also be good.
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If you want something more local with different pace of conversion try The Grapevine or some of the other am shows on Triple R.
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Yep, the Guardian is your best bet at the moment. In addition to the other things people have mentioned also have a look at New Matilda, which has gone from strength to strength in the last year or so, particularly in its coverage of aboriginal issues. Further to the left Green Left Weekly often covers issues ignored elsewhere.

I'd also strongly recommend at least the occasional flick through the Australian and the other Murdoch tabloids if you see them in a cafe - you have almost certainly over-estimated the depth of thought behind Australia's lurch to the right. If you want to punish yourself have an occasional look through Quadrant which is kind of like The Monthly for the Right.
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