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Going to Tokyo for 6 nights, for the first time in 15 years, in July. Would like to do a hotel tour of sorts. What's hot, quirky, or interesting in the Tokyo hotel scene now?

Would like to stay at a range of hotels in the areas of Shibuya, Roppongi, Harajuku, or Koenji. I'm not adverse to pods (If they are not claustrophobic), ryokans, or businessmens hotels, as long as they have an quirky or interesting quality to them. I'd like to aveage about US $125 a night but can go higher or lower.
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Well, there's always the Godzilla Room in Shinjuku. But it seems you have to make reservations online in Japanese.
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I'm not even sure $125 a night is possible in those neighborhoods, outside of real fleabag joints. My standing advice for Tokyo is to spend a night at the Ryokan Katsutaro in Ueno; it's a very convenient walk from the rail link to Narita and absolutely the best place, imho, to recover from jet lag. I'd crash there on the first night before venturing into the thick of it.
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This is not in Tokyo, but if I were going for six days I'd take a couple of them to check out this cycle-themed hotel and bike around a bit.
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