Best youtube tutorials to learn access and a refresher in SAS
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What are the best youtube tutorials to learn access? I would like to build an access database. And SAS? I am familiar with SAS, but some of my codes are not working, so I would like a refresher video. Then code I am working on is trying to analyze multiple responses to create a composite variable. Therefore, I used the sum function and +. But, my output is incorrect.
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I did the SAS self-study certification course a few years ago. I forget how long it took, but I got the cert. I can't imagine you would learn much from a video.
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Response by poster: I have learned so much about Excel from youtube. I find online learning very helpful. Please respond if you have any tips or ideas. Again, I do know some SAS already, so not starting from zero here.
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UCLA has stellar resources for learning and using SAS.
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Not sure if it has anything to do with why your output is incorrect but since you mentioned + and sum, remember that the + operator will return missing if one of the operands is missing, whereas the sum function will not. For example if VAR1=5 and VAR2=., then VAR1+VAR2=. but sum(VAR1, VAR2)=5.

Also, SAS recently made the online version of their Programming I course free. I don't think there is a video component (at least I don't remember there being one when I took it a couple years ago), but it's online, self paced and you get access for a year.
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Oh, and I should add that I realize you're already familiar with SAS, but the course could be a good refresher even if you just seek out specific chapters and never really have the goal of completing it.
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And another thing I just remembered, SAS recently launched (or revamped, not sure which) their Ask The Expert series, which is webinar series on a variety of SAS topics. The ones that have already happened are viewable on-demand, so video wise this might be a good resource as well.
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...and apparently this part of their website that I had never seen before also has a ton of videos.
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