Family vacation in Costa Rica with older kids
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Does anyone have any recommendations for great places to stay in Costa Rica for a family with older kids (teens/20s)?

An all-inclusive resort right on or by the beach is preferable. This is for a family of five with two parents and three kids in their late teens/early 20s. It seems to be hard to find places that don't cater to either couples, single people who want to party, or else families with small kids. Any suggestions?
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Not sure where you live but there are plenty of easy and direct flights from the US to Liberia, Costa Rica. Rent a car there and drive to a nice airbnb.
Then pick activities you'd like to do and drive to those. Liberia is a moderate sized city with restuarants and grocery stores, giving you the flexibility to cook at home (or at least make breakfast).
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We went to Manuel Antionio with roughly the same ages, but more people. The beaches weren't the best beaches I've ever been to (we spent more time in the pool than the ocean), but the culture, atmosphere, and other things to do there were FANTASTIC! The national park, zip-lining in the cloud forest, kayaking, hiking, exploring the mangrove forest, all sorts of things to do.

We rented a place with a chef, and they took care of all the food needs. We had ~15 people so it was well worth it.
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I wouldn't go to Costa Rica for an all-inclusive. There is just so much fun things to do and explore that being tied to a single resort sounds oppressive. I second flying into Liberia – small, super fast airport and getting a car.

Get a place somewhere down the coast, maybe Tamarindo for few days, then head to Arenal and then maybe beach again before flying back home. I did that with my kids just about a year ago – although they were 5 & 4 then. Costa Rica is just about the easiest place to travel independently. San Jose after dark can be little scary, so fly to Liberia.
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Oh, and its usually recommended to hire a driver, depending on where you are going and your confidence in what I, a flatlander, would call 'mountainous terrain' I probably would have been ok during the day, but horridly incompetent at night, especially since it rained.
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