Seeking Woody in the Buzz Lightyear suit!
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About four years ago, I visited one of the Disney Interactive offices in North Hollywood (the one on Lankershim) and they had one of the coolest things I had seen (and haven't seen since) - a poster? print? painting? of Woody from "Toy Story", wearing Buzz Lightyear's suit, around a campfire with the Aliens. Does this exist in the real/outside world, or was it a one-off? I want it!
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I searched "Buzz Lightyear" +Alien movie mashup and found this with Buzz and the Alien eggs. Was it a similar style to this? Maybe you could track down the author and see if s/he did the one you saw.
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Response by poster: No, it was the Aliens from the Toy Story movies. It was either drawn or painted, definitely not rendered. It was also very sweet in tone.
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Have you considered calling the NoHo DIMG office main number and asking the receptionist? In my experience Disney employees are generally willing to go the extra mile for stuff like this.
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Response by poster: Nope, I had not considered that. For what it's worth, the other art in that office was concept art from Tron: Legacy (this was mid 2011), so I don't know if anything there stays long though, artwork or people. Will see what I can do.
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