Picture hanging rails in various lengths?
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Our building has a wide variety of nooks & crannies, so we're looking for a picture hanging system that can accommodate display spaces anywhere from 1 1/2' wide up to 6' wide.

My Google-Fu faileth me.

I'm finding lots of wall hanging systems -- e.g., gallerysystem.com, STAS picture hanging systems -- however, they seem to come in standard lengths, usually around 6'.

Are there rail/ track systems that come in different sizes like this? (1.5', 2', 2.5' wide, etc.)

Grateful for any leads!
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You should call Gallery System and see what they suggest. We used them and I think it would be pretty straightforward to cut the tracks with a metal hacksaw, and there are no predrilled holes, so that wouldn't be an issue.

And I just looked at STAS, and in the FAQs, there's this: "Q: Can I cut the rail to size? A:The rail can be easily to cut to size using a hacksaw."
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