daily show tix?
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How might one get tickets to the daily show on short notice? I'm thinking, like, Thursday... auction? broker? money is not really an object... I have had no luck ebaying, googling, chekcing with brokers, etc. etc...
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Just show up early, as Jon mentions many times during his monologues, most of the crowd is locals who just walked in. While they do have tickets, they are primarily for out-of-towners who want a firm schedule of events for their trip. If you don't mind waiting in line, it's first come/first-served for the non-ticketed seats.
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Or...if money is no object but Time is - pay someone to stand in line for you?
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Weeell...on the website it says this:

"If you are looking for last minute tickets please call us at (212) 586-2477 on Fridays (around 11:00am to 11:30am) the week prior to your show date request. Please do not request any other show dates on this line."

You're kinda late for that (and I've gotta say that's an incredibly narrow window in which to call), but it might be worth a try. Apologies if you've already done so.

Also, ebay appears to have nothing, although I figured that was kind of a long shot. Same for NY craigslist.
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Mmmm, they give out more tickets for each show than there are seats, and ticketed people have priority - actually there are two ticket classes, VIP and regular, and VIP have priority. I didn't get in on day X even with a regular ticket for that day, and got a VIP ticket for a few days later. I don't think any of the crowd there are walk-ins at all - they have more demand than seats available, and arrange the ticketing to keep a full house every day. I think you'd have to be very lucky to get in as a walk-in - maybe during a blizzard that kept people away. Maybe. I think you're out of luck.
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If money is not an option, and you're out of other options -- you could always try haggling with ticket-holders in line.
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