Bored of salmon
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Looking for something fun to do with salmon.

I've had some salmon chillin' in my freezer for quite a while. Not freezer burned. I just can't get excited about it. The idea of baking it, and eating it with sauteed veggies is just bleh. I really want to use it up. Any kind of fusion or nontraditional ideas are appreciated.
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This recipe for honey-dijon salmon may still be too traditional, but it's really yummy. It's a go-to salmon recipe for me and my partner.
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Salmon is delicious mixed with penne, green asparagus, pesto, and ricotta; similar to this recipe, with a bit of pesto mixed in.

Also, Top Secret Fish Rub is the go-to "spice up a piece of salmon" ingredient in my house.
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This recipe is copied on a 3x5" card on my fridge with the title "Magic Salmon Rub." I love it. I like to toss some asparagus in the leftover rub and roast it up. It's good with rice or little roasted potatoes. Sometimes I pair it with these lentils.
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Mark Bittman's recipe for Salmon with spicy soy oil. So good, so easy to make.
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Best answer: Use it sort of like tuna in a salmon salad sandwich?
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I've had some really good Indian curries (like tikka masala) with salmon in them.
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Best answer: Salmon in puff pastry with spinach.
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Salmon cakes. So much nicer with "real" salmon over canned and you can change up the herbs, spices & dipping sauces to suit what ever you are in the mood for.
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Bleah. That was supposed to include a link.
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Salmon quiche.
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My whole family loves this recipe with salmon, mint, and bowtie pasta.
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Oh man if you are good at searing it so it has a nice crackly outside and tender inside, it can become your new favorite food. We like it that way, usually cajun or sesame-crusted, on salads, in BLTs, or on top of pasta.
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I really like pressing brown sugar and chives into salmon, letting it sit for a half hour, wiping off excess sugar and moisture, and then searing it in a cast iron pan. Lemon zest doesn't hurt.
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Whatever you do, don't overcook it. Marinate, then ghetto sous video to taste, sear the skin and serve with a sharp lemony black bean salsa with a kick of chili?
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blackened salmon
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This recipe for baked salmon in lime-coconut cream sauce is something I've bookmarked but haven't tried yet; however, I've found She Simmers to be a pretty reliable recipe source.
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Add it to a Caesar salad!
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Best answer: I've used small chunks of salmon instead of ground meat in bolognese sauce over spaghetti, and it's awesome.
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Best answer: I made this Cold and Warm Salmon Scrambled Egg Rolls recipe a little while ago and it was totally bonkers (in a good way.)
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I really like salmon in this pink sauce with pasta. It's unusual in that it features mustard seed, cumin and ginger. Shockingly good.
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This salmon chowder recipe is really easy, delicious and flexible (add more veggies, spices, whatever you like).
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Best answer: I make 'tuna' salad with salmon instead of tuna, and put that inside a fresh, flaky, croissant. It's amazing!

I add cayenne and/ or black pepper (depending on who's eating it - I like my food kicked up, my boyfriend doesn't) and it adds the necessary heat to an otherwise rich sandwich. You also can go easy on the mayo - it tends to overpower the flavor of the salmon in the sandwich.
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Gravlax (cured salmon) with dill is my jam. Soooooo easy to make, soooo delicious. Lots of varieties out there, ranging with salt:sugar ratios varying from 7:3 to 4:6. Pick your ratio and mix salt and sugar together. Chop up 1 cup of dill. Take the salmon fillets (with the skin still on) and pat on the chopped dill. Cover and pat in sugar salt mixture. Put the fillets in a large ziplock backs and cover them with any remaining salt/sugar. Squeeze out excess air and seal up. Put in fridge for 3 days, rotating it every day.
After 3 days, take out and rinse them. Slice up and serve! Is delicious with mustard sauce, with pasta, on rye, in salads...
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I went looking for James Barber's salmon with miso paste recipe (beloved in my family, from this cookbook) and found his youtube channel from his old show. I searched salmon on there and found some fun ideas.

The miso paste salmon is very simple. Another fan transcribes it here.
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Best answer: Kulebiaka / coulibiac
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Best answer: My mother's Salmon Salad recipe that people fawn over, which by no random occurrence is actually by Ina Garten.

Incredibly simple, yet so fantastic.
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Everything you've favorited has involved adding a carb like a puff pastry or the roll or other vehicle salmon-in-salad-form would go on, mostly a baked carb. If this thread doesn't do it for you, google salmon in pastry/with bread or toast and see if that yields more recipes of interest!

Meanwhile, I must take the opportunity to tell you salmon is excellent if you douse it in sauce made as follows:

Finely chop of a handful of fresh sorrel.
Maybe some white onions too, real finely chopped- just a teaspoon.

Heat, butter, white wine maybe either lemon or a dash of cream.
Throw in onions. Let onions get nice and clear.
Throw in handful of chopped sorrel.

Proportions on all of the above can be varied without messing anything up, to your preferences.

Once sorrel is nice and wilted and cooked, drop this sauce onto salmon.
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Salmon soboro.
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