Best Portland, Or. nursuries for indoor succulents?
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I've developed an obsession with growing succulents and am looking for one or two go-to places in Portland, Or. with the widest selection and most knowledgeable staff.

My usual haunts are The Portland Nursery on Division, Pistils, and Pomarius.

The particularities: I live downtown and have access to a car for several hours once a week. For the most part this is plenty of time to get the essentials done, but not if I kill and entire day poking around town for these beauties. One excellent source a 30-40 min. drive out would be more doable than 3 or 4 different close in shops.

Online sellers like Mountain Crest Gardens and The Succulent Source are terrific, though I'd prefer to shop in person and chat with sellers who understand Pacific Northwest light conditions.

Bonus points:
Close in or Tri-Met accessible
Shops that carry (or can special order) rare tender/soft species in the Echeveria, Kalanchoe, Crassula, Sedum, Aeonium, and Cotyledon genera.

Thank You!
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My mom used to work at Bird's Nursery, which is a half an hour from Portland--it's a huuuge place, and I'm not a succulent expert but I think I remember a reasonable quantity of them when I visited. Might be worth giving them a call and asking :)
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Roosevelt's Terrariums says they have succulents but I've never checked it out myself.
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Joy Creek Nursery has a lot of succulents. They are off 30 on the way to Scappoose, so definitely for a day when you have access to a car. They list their plants online, and I've found the people who work there to be knowledgeable.
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