Gift ideas for the older couple who sold me their house.
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GiftFilter: I need some gift ideas for a older (early to mid 70s) married couple who I don't really know.

I'm buying a house. Actually, I bought a house and I'm just waiting for settlement. I'd like to get a gift for the sellers, who I don't know from Adam, but they sold me their house over two other bidders because they liked me. Some background: lifelong Baltimoreans, early to mid 70s, he's a retired electrician, she works in a bakery, lived in the house they're selling to me for 25 years, previously lived two doors down for 20 years. They're moving into a retirement home after we settle. The house has been beautifully maintained, and they remind me of my grandparents, who passed away several years ago. They appear to be fairly religious, but not extremely so. I do not know if they drink alcohol. Any gift suggestions? Alternatively, is this something that people do for people that sell them houses? Am I being weird? I feel like they did me a favor, they could've gotten more money since there were multiple bidders.
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Send them a nice food basket when they move into their retirement community.
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An easy-to-care-for plant. Or a bouquet.
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Food may be difficult because they're likely to have dietary restrictions.
Microcosmos or Winged Migration (nature documentaries)?
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Weird, yes, but a "why don't more people do that" kind of weird. Good for you.
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Plants or flowers could be problematic because of allergies too. Maybe an attractive vase would be a good gift. They can fill it with whatever doesn't aggravate their sinuses.

I don't think you're being weird at all, I think you're being nice. It's not "customary" to give somebody a gift to thank them for selling you something, but if they opted for less money because they liked you, they were being nice too.
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I'd make a little photo album of you moved into your new house (the rooms, etc) and write a letter telling them about how much you appreciate and love the house, with specifics. I think that would be more meaningful than a gift basket or bouquet of flowers.
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I really liked undertones idea. Or I would send flowers, regardless of the potential allergy problems that Gator mentioned. It's really the thought that counts here. If they're allergic, they can toss the flowers (which are going to die anyway) and keep the vase they came in.
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Along undertone's lines...a nice framed picture of their home.
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To expand on the Librarian's idea (and, in turn undertone), you could commission a painting of the house. The people we bought our house from had one done and took it with them. It was really well done, didn't cost much and meant a lot to them.

At the other end of the spectrum, my wife is also a baker. Her favorite cook/baking book is The Village Baker's Wife for the stories as well as the recipes.
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I like the idea of a plant (get a pothos or something easy-to-care-for.) It's a traditional housewarming gift, and they're moving into a new home, too. Or flowers. That, along with a detailed thank-you note, would be really appreciated.
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