Scavenger trilogy by KJ Parker - TL;DR please
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Basically, I want to know what happens in the Scavenger trilogy by KJ Parker, books 2 & 3, without reading them. I've read book 1.

I liked the first book, but I don't have the time or the inclination to go through two more books of dense writing, flashbacks, flashforwards, visions, dreams, plot twists, omens, gods and wars. But I am curious enough to want to know how it ends.

Yes, I know I'm lazy and they're good books and I should read them. But I'll read something about parenting and toddler discipline instead, because that's what I need to learn about, not fictious gods.

By reading reviews, I found out what's the deal with the 'raiders', and that Poldarn learns what he did to his family & islanders at the end of book 2 - what was it? And what then happens in book 3?

Feel free to send me a PM/MeFi Mail/email if you don't want to write googleable spoilers.
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Best answer: Book 3 spoilers.
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