Replacement makeup for Neutrogena's discontinued solid foundation?
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I used to use Neutrogena's solid foundation makeup that contained salicylic acid, but they've discontinued it. Is there anything like it on the market now?

I'm looking specifically for the kind of foundation that comes as a solid, in a compact, and can be applied with a wet or dry sponge. (I never got the hang of the liquid kind, and I'm not likely to now.) The discontinued Neutrogena project worked for me because it had better coverage than a powder and because it had an acne-fighting ingredient. I'd love to find something that will cover both bases, as it were: enough coverage to smooth out my skin, while at the same time fighting the breakouts I tend to get from regular makeup. Is there any hope for me?
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Clinique makes an "Acne Solutions" line of makeup - I am not sure of the active ingredient, but I bet it's salicylic acid. Unfortunately it looks like there's a liquid foundation and a powder foundation, but no cream foundation. Maybelline makes a BB cream with salicylic acid, which might work for you (sometimes BB cream is easier to apply than liquid foundation, but it is pretty similar). I know neither of those is exactly what you're looking for, though.
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Solid foundation, aside from being generally unpopular right now, is not recommended for people who are prone to breakouts, which is why this particular combination may be hard to find. You could just buy any solid foundation and then use a skincare product containing salicylic acid.

There are many types of foundation that are easier to apply than liquid, though. Have you tried tinted moisturizer/BB cream/CC cream, mousse, or mineral powder?
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You might like the new "cushion" type of foundation coming out of Korea right now. I know tons of folks LOVE the IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock XP. I don't think it has salicylic acid in it but you could combine with something simple like a lightweight cream with salicylic acid in it, or the cosrx AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner which is awesome.
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Have you checked out eBay and smalltime web shops? (like, stores that show up on the 5th-20th page of Google results?)

My favorite hair product was discontinued. I bought a huge supply from a swiss haircare store. It will not have an unlimited shelf life. My product was a water soluble clay so I've been able to spritz some water on each new jar and it's good as new.

You may get great alternative suggestions, but if you can comfortably buy 10-20 spares you can put off your quest for a long time.
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If you don't like liquid foundations, have you tried mineral ones? They're easy to apply as you just use a brush and they go on like a powder, but with much better coverage. I have read (and sorry, can't find the link) that the amount of salicylic acid in foundations is too low to really make much of a difference so it might be worth finding a skincare treatment that contains it rather than trying to find it in a foundation.
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I sometimes use CoverGirl AquaSmooth, which comes in a compact. No salicylic acid, but it does have SPF coverage.
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Ben Nye sells a pan cake foundation, but I don't see salicylic acid in the ingredients. I thought Max Factor still had a pan cake as well, but all I can find is the "pan stik". Make-up Forever has a pan cake as well.
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Clinique has a CC cream in a compact that contains salicylic acid.
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