Help me find bank wire information for the Mexican bank BanCoppel
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Help me find the swift code or domestic routing code for Mexican bank called BanCoppel so I can send money to my friend in Mexico via xetrade.

I am trying to send money to a friend's BanCoppel bank account in Mexico via xe trade.
xe trade requires Bank Name, Bank Address, and either SWIFT code OR domestic routing code I tried calling the bank, but my Spanish isn't great, and it seemed they don't have a swift code. I also had my friend go to her local BanCoppel and they said they don't have a swift code. I called Xe trade, and they said I should get the intermediary bank's swift code, (which I called BanCopell about and they said it doesn't exist). Can anyone find the swift code or domestic routing code for BanCoppel? Also which address should I put? her local bank's address, or the headquarter's address? xe trade says they charge fee's if I put information in wrong.
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I can't find a SWIFT code for Bancoppel either, unfortunately. The domestic ETF code in Mexico is called the CLABE. Bancoppel's institution code is 137 but you'll also need the branch code, account code and a check digit for the account that is generated through some magic handwavy algorithm, so it is best just to get the complete 18-digit CLABE number from the bank itself. The address you use should be the local branch address.
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Response by poster: I have had the 18 digit clabe # all along, I just didn't know that's the same thing!! How sure are you that the local address is the one to be used?
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1) Because the clabe code is specific to the local branch; and
2) Because when I've had to send or receive international wire transfers in the past it's always been done using the branch address (when I'm the recipient I use the address of the branch where I opened the account) and that has not steered me wrong. So I can't say with 100% certainty, but that seems to be the way to go with international transfers.
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Not what you asked, but related: I send money to my parents in Mexico using, which is VERY easy and makes it so that the receiver can pick it up at any branch they want. They just walk up to the branch with an ID and the transaction number and you get an email letting you know it's done. It's far less of a hassle and I really recommend that.
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