Menu of fine cheeses for wine and cheese party
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In preparation for an overseas move, tomorrow evening I'm popping open a few bottles of wine I've carried from house to house over the years. Please recommend some fine cheeses (or other things, other than foie gras) that will go well with these wines:

1992 Pauillac (Philippe de Rothschild)
1983 Mondavi Cabernet
1987 Sauternes (Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey)

The two reds should be in good shape as I've recently opened a few others from the late 80s without incident that were stored with these.
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what a wonderful treat - your guests are really lucky.

I know one should have French cheeses with this, but in a way, I think a good aged pecorino sardo would be nicer, by giving more space to the amazing wines but still offering a strong complimental taste.

The Sauternes is a challenge. I have a similar bottle, and it is going with foie gras when it goes. If that is not on the menu, maybe a sweet would be better? A nougat parfait, for example? Or a not too sweet chocolate ganache?
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I am more of a cheese connaisseur than a wine one, but I always make sure to include a Comté every time I plan a wine and cheese. The older the better of course and they do tend to be better when they have an organic label. I suspect it would go well with the Cabernet (at least I have enjoyed Comté and Cabernet in the past.
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The Sauternes is easy, if I was your guest no matter what desert delicacy I'd just quietly sip away slowly until you threw me out :-) But look very fresh strawberries.

A roquefort would be ideal for the Cabernet, but if that's too strong and you can get to a great cheese shop there are other blues that are milder.

Look for a vegetable pate as a complement to the cheeses.
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I'm not particularly versed in this sort of thing; but I really, really, enjoy Saint Agur on fresh baguette.
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Regular pâté has liver in it and is an excellent match for Sauternes, and almost any kind will work, though simpler is better to show off the wine, which is rightly the star in this case. I also like mild blues, such as Cambazola, Point Reyes, or other young blue (i.e., not Roquefort or Stilton, which are spectacular but far too sharp). A Sauternes of that age will be not too sweet, so I'd go savory.

For the reds, maybe Parmigiano and a sliced baguette, or Marcona almonds. I don't like cheese with red, as a rule, so I'm the wrong person to ask.
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