Name our post-wedding tour?
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Mr. Arnicae and I are getting married! Because families are complicated, we're getting married solo (at a difficult to access international location) and are planning a post-wedding tour of all our main family members locations. Can you help name our post-wedding tour (for family marketing purposes)? Bonus question: Have you done this? And any advice on breaking the news and doing a wedding this way (not inviting family) for drama-reduction purposes?

As much as we love them, families are complicated. So we're traveling abroad to a rather difficult to access location to get married, then are planning to travel to our families around the country.

Q1: We had considered calling it our "Wedding CelebrationTour". That is a pretty lame name. Can you help us come up with a better one? We'll be traveling to five locations around the U.S.

Q2: Any advice on breaking the news to the family (e.g. that we're not inviting them to come abroad with us) and how to do a wedding celebratio ntour? We love love love our families and want to make sure they get to share our excitement even though we're not inviting them to the wedding (which will just be me and Mr. Arnicae).
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How long is the tour? When is this all happening? You could call it "The Summer of Love" tour or "The Arnicae's Autumn of Love"
The blogger Shauna Reid (The Amazing Adventures of DietGirl) did this kind of thing. She's Australian, husband is Scottish, they eloped to Vegas and then made the tour of families. She wrote about it all in her blog.
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Response by poster: early spring 2015, expect to do it all in a matter of two months. We're also planning on letting them RSVP for the tour.
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Hey, I'm doing something very similar for similar reasons, starting in a week!

1. We ended up calling it the Lastname/Lastname US WEDDING TOUR, posted the dates, made T-shirts, and treated it like we were, well, going on tour. Doing something like this also works for our personalities, so hey.

2. I actually said that I was including the tour as part of the wedding - so we'd just have multiple receptions, but not inviting them to the same place because of the expense and inconvenience (mileage may vary). In the end people are going to complain and give their opinion and tell you that you're doing it wrong, but then follow it up with the fact that it's your wedding and you don't have to do what anyone else tells you. But they'll do that no matter what you do, so go for it.

The good news about doing smaller stops - you can personalize it to whoever will be attending each piece. I asked people what they liked about where they lived, and I incorporated that into our trip plans as much as possible - it's always fun to hang out with people who are doing something they love, and you are travelling, so why not see the places you're visiting? Some of my receptions are just trips to a karaoke room, or a cat cafe, and some of them are more traditional receptions.

You can also hand off events to people who might otherwise try to micromanage everything - this was admittedly the best way to deal with my mother-in-law and the worst way to deal with my mother, so keep into account personalities when you do this.

If you want more details, let me know - I'm more than happy to talk about logistics and headache and organization for this.
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Spring 2015 1+1=2.0 tour
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I assume you mean Spring 2016?
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Response by poster: Yes, 2016.
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If you enjoy the rhyming kinda thing:

Post wedding familial heading.

Post wedding celebrations destinations.

After wedding celebration migration.

After wedding celebration vacation.

Wedding celebration across the nation.

After wedding celebration visitation
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"Hitched-Hiking Across America"
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United States of Matrimony Tour
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'Why don't we do it on the road?

-- our wedding celebration, that is.'

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The Honeymoon Highway Tour
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I love the idea of playing it like a concert tour and making t shirts and everything. Since you are getting married by yourselves, your pretend bad should be called "The Elopement"
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The Great Multi-dimensional Spacetime Simul-reception
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I kind of like the idea that it's not a tour, it's one big long party.
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I would go for "Victory Lap," but that won't work for everyone.
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Katniss and Peeta Victory Tour
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Heart trek / heartrek
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Weddingball Run
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We Hitched!
[across America 2016]
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Figure out the mileage and name it "arnicae & partner's 4000 mile receiving line".
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"Arnicae & partner's grand adventure"
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Burning Matrimony

I would personally look at all the popular music festivals and concerts and have fun making punny names.
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How about calling it your Shivaree? (aka charivari or chifferi)

As a kid in a small town back west, the custom had evolved into a parade of cars following the happy couple's decorated limo around town after the ceremony, honking horns and flashing lights. Seems like your tour is another variation on the post-wedding community celebration.
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