Housecleaner needed in L.A.
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I want my 1BR apartment on L.A.'s eastside clean, and I don't want to do it myself.

Yelp is a confusing morass on this. I need a service or person to come once every two weeks or so and clean up the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, do dishes, etc. Cheaper is obviously better, but getting it done right is the priority.
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The very best way to do this is to ask your colleagues, neighbors or friends for a recommendaiton. This city is lousy with cleaners, but you want to find someone you can trust, so you can give them (okay, it'll most likely be a "her") a key. And the way to find someone you can really trust is to find someone who comes with a personal recommendation.
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I'm sure AskMe can come up with some reason you're not supposed to, but we found great cleaners on Angie's List. We found we were most comfortable with a mid-sized (licensed, insured, bonded) independent company versus a single person or a big franchise, like Merry Maids.
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I just Mefi mailed you the number for our cleaning lady. She is a holy saint sent from heaven to rescue us from our filth
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Try Homejoy or Handybook.
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