Apple troubles, please help!
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I have 2 problems with my apple devices. Can you help? I am not tech savvy and its not a good time for me to replace devices. 1) I just upgraded my software on my Ipad 2 and now the safari is so slow its unusable- is there anything I can do? I have done all the standard things like delete apps and stop excess things running and done a hard reset. Can I downgrade back to IOs 7? That's the last time it ran well. 2) My safari on my Iphone 5 has started getting pop up ads that force open my app store right when I am in the middle of reading. Again, I feel like I have tried everything, I even reset all my settings. Tried to block the websites. What can I do?

When it comes to the Ipad I feel I am being forced to buy a new one because the updates make it run so much worse each time. Its driving me crazy! I won't buy another Ipad but it would still be nice to hold off for a while.
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Best answer: Unfortunately you won't be able to downgrade - Apple sign each release and when restoring the firmware is checked against Apple's servers and will not install if it isn't being authorised any more.

I am having the same problem with my iPhone 4S, but am holding out for a good deal on a new 6 or even whatever ends up being released in September.

Many people notice this issue with the newer iOS releases and it seems like blatant planned obsolescence. My iPhone is fine otherwise, and would continue as my main phone for a lot longer if I didn't find the slow performance and constant app crashes to be near-interminable.

To improve performance, you can turn off some off the funky display effects such as motion wallpaper and sliding in General, Accessibility in Settings - switch on Reduce Motion. Switch off Spotlight search if you don't use it, or remove categories you don't need search for under General and Spotlight Search. Turn off Background App Refresh again under General. Take a look at Battery Usage to see what apps are the most 'High Octane' - battery usage often translates to high CPU usage. Double tap your home button and regularly clear out running apps by swiping them up. Try another browser such as Chrome - I sometimes find swapping between them works well for some reason.
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Best answer: Oh, another thing if you've just restored, the iDevice will need a little time to settle - build caches and whatnot, so leave it a few days to see if the performance improves. My iPhone went from brick to just about usable after a couple of days from a restore a while back without any changes. Also make sure no apps are being updated in the background as this will make the device 'run lumpy'.
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There is nothing wrong with iOS 8.

Reset Safari website data on your iPhone or iPad:
Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
Scroll down and tap on Safari.
Now scroll all the way to the bottom and tap on Advanced.
Tap on Website Data. ...
Scroll to the bottom again and tap on Remove All Website Data.

Reset the network settings:
Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before.

Remove any "parental control", VPN or other apps that monitor or redirect your web traffic.

Make sure the DNS is not hijacked:
Settings > WiFi
Select the "i" to the right of the name of the WiFi network you are connected to.
Change the DNS to Google public servers:,

Worse case reset the devices to factory default and set them up as a new device:
Follow this LINK for instructions.
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I had the same problems on my iPad2 since upgrading. For MetaFilter in particular, what really helped was turning off "live preview". Next to the comment box, there are tiny letters to the left that say "(Hide Preview)". Clicking on that solved my extreme slowness problems with MeFi pretty dramatically. From time to time, the cookie is lost and it comes back so I just have to click it again.

I have no idea what to do about pop-up ads that hijack my device. What I do is close the tab and never visit the site again. Bye bye, Slate and Huff Post.
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Many people have found that it helps if you back up your device, then do a full device reset, then restore from backup. Previous askers have reported its like night and day after the restore.
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iOS 8 is a complete duck up of an operating system. It's horrible on everything that doesn't have 2 gigs of RAM and an overcharged GPU... So, one Apple device (iPad Air 2)

I upgraded from 7 too. Big mistake.

You have my sympathies.
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Best answer: Wipe and reinstall made a big difference.
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Best answer: 2) My safari on my Iphone 5 has started getting pop up ads that force open my app store right when I am in the middle of reading. Again, I feel like I have tried everything, I even reset all my settings.

This issue is a general issue, not something related to your phone. It's basically an arms race between the people making scummy ads and Apple. There is no good fix at the moment. There are some hacky ways to install an ad blocker that help, but I think that only works on wi-fi.
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Best answer: You have to be careful where you touch.
Use the mobile version of that website when available.
When you see the 4 lines in de left hand side of the URL bar touch that to switch to the uncluttered "reader" version of that website.

If the website is just loaded with junk ads and links just leave the website and don't come back.
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Ad Block now has an iOS version.

Mobile browsers have very limited add-on capabilities (as opposed to say Safari on the Mac OS). Thus on iOS, Ad Block has to provide a new browser app rather than a safari ad on.

Not used it on iOS myself, but very happy with it in other contexts.
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Response by poster: Hi! I did a full reset and put chrome on for browsing and now its much better. As for the phone and pop ups- well, I am now just glad to know its not just me. Thanks guys!
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